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  1. Same here! When I upgrade prestashop I have to hope and pray that it doesn't break. It's its usually breaks 70% of the time and often requires a total redo. Wordpress upgrade... no problem! So why is prestashop so hard on us?
  2. Has anyone resolved this? I'm having major problems with my multistore. Even with cache switched off... the design keeps changing like the themes for each store are mixing with each other.
  3. I have no idea why... but mine started to work. name: themename display_name: themename version: 1.0 theme_key: bc3dba7a0605e98b29e8b07c77839787 But it didn't for ages. Maybe it takes time for the theme key that is generated to register or something. Never happened with 1.6 themes in the config files tho.
  4. I have a theme key from my addons account. I just haven't a clue how to add it into my theme. There nothing telling how in 1.7 you add a theme key into theme.yml Do you know how? Thank you!
  5. This is crazy... there is no documention on how to add a theme key. Nobody is answering posts about it. I've tried everything from the old way to trying to add it into theme.yml Nothing works. Anyone have that info they can share? Prestashop seems to be keeping it a secrete. he he
  6. Did you figure this out? I haven't a clue how to add the theme key. Cheers!
  7. I've tried everything, but I haven't a clue how to add the addons product key to a theme to sell on addons. I would have though it would go in theme.yml, but i keep getting an upload error when I try and submit a zip. Anyone have any ideas?
  8. Actually, it would be nice to have an easy form builder.
  9. There are so many modules that I find important that we needs to keep. Like the stylesheet switcher in them configurator And adding banners. We have only 1 banner option? It's nice if we can add as many banners as we want. The theme cofigurator is VERY important! Don't remove this! It's like all the modules have been removed. There seems to be no change in the layouts and hooking of modules. Look at Aristta for some good ideas. Their layout system is super easy and brilliant.
  10. Is the color changer not going to be implemented in 1.7? It's really important to have this. Hope they keep it.
  11. You need to know how to edit php and code html. But most of all you have to know how to use CSS inside and out. CSS is the most important part of developing a theme.
  12. We absolutely need a theme colour changer. Looks like this is being removed from 1.7 which is a step backwards. Will this be in put back in before the official launch?
  13. In the latest beta 1 download, still most of the module's aren't finished yet. And the module positions button throws a 404. But it's a great start! I LOVE the theme folder structure. it's much cleaner. =========== One think I would love to see. In Opencart for example, you only need in your custom theme folder the files that are different from the default theme. You don't have to copy every file. From a designer's perspective, I love that because updates are much easier.
  14. Does anyone know if it's possible to change theme colors in Prestashop 1.7. Looks like that function has been removed.
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