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  1. We are now on Again permission issue... when is Prestashop going to fix this?
  2. Trying to find out how to get the home page displaying 3 columns with products instead of the default of 2, it also seems to happen on product page, I have added a few screen-shots to explain it better.. This is what I would like on the home page and product page, so 3 images on row instead of 2, any help much appreciated.
  3. Sorry, But yes, it is a problem is the answer, the PHP should be version 7.2, and the other options in yellow should be green as well, you need to go in your hosting and fix them, short_open_tag should be NO.
  4. Not sure what your environment settings are but check folder file rights, depending on hosting it should be 777/666 or 755/644 Also look in your hosting error_log for the errors. Check your environment with this script, upload it in your hosting and browse to it with www.yourdomain.com/phppsinfo.php and show here the result. phppsinfo.php password and username are prestashop
  5. Hallo Bas, You have to update inside the Prestashop and not using installatron. It is called 1click upgrade, if you can't find it, install it and make sure it is updated to latest version., then read all possibilities very carefull and do your upgrade from there. Nick
  6. Yeah, Plesk.... anyway, back to your floor 😉
  7. Please use that script i gave you and check the whole environment, never ever assume your host environment is perfect!
  8. Please delete this it is full of private details!!!!
  9. Check your environment with that script, never assume all is correct
  10. Never be hasty... make sure you backup of the mysql and all files as both together are the shop 🙂 In your hosting account you should have phpmyadmin, [depending with who you host and your control panel] change a field properties is scary first time, but when you have done it a few times its OK, but again be relaxed and double check before you press enter. Adminer is a great tool to do this if your hosting has not phpmyadmin, it's free and very reliable! In the logs you also see folders missing, just create them then they are there for next update. But you must check you are using PHP v7.2 and check other required settings, you can do that with a script found here upload it in your hosting account and browse to it, it will give you a check if the environment is perfect for the shop, this is very important and avoid errors in future upgrades. Let me know if this helps. www.yourdomain/psphppinfo.php psphpinfo.php
  11. Right, the warning for the employee_firstname` VARCHAR(255) is correct as looking in the DB it is still (32) you can easy change that with phpmyadmin or with adminer. I have verified this with a clean install, so that warning is easy to solve. Same for product table change the 2 fields to 64, the last warning about location you can ignore as it is correctly done. But it should not effect your combinations... really turn on your debug and dev and check error logs.
  12. Turn dev and debug on, it will show where the errors are... also look in /adminxxx/error_log before you restore...
  13. Looking in my update log, I see same warnings, I have enabled debug and set dev to true, will invest it, but so far like you no real errors...
  14. Solved, seems the upgrade went wrong and imported the carrier tables from a clean install.
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