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  1. Their demo is pretty fast when browsing around. Does anyone know their server setup? You can view it here: http://demo.prestashop.com/
  2. Who has the fastest PS site?

    What version would you develop in Dh42?
  3. Who has the fastest PS site?

    Thank you Dh42! You would say the best stack for a fresh V1.7 install would be, "nginx, php7, maria, with opcache?"
  4. Who has the fastest PS site?

    Would love to hear your thoughts Dh42
  5. Who has the fastest PS site?

    Thank you DH42! What are your thoughts on their case study: https://canonicalized.com/prestashop-speed-optimization/ ---- You deployed that test site above using Cloudway's 1-Click Prestashop Install (PS 1.7.1, NGINX, PHP7, MariaDB, OPcache, and Redis)?
  6. Who has the fastest PS site?

    sweet, that is what I am talking about. I am planning a fresh V1.7.1 with this stack: - Ubuntu 16.04 LTS - SSL - PHP7 - (e)NGINx /w Apache - Percona Server or MariaDB - most likely Percona Server - HHVM (Hip-Hop Virtual Machine) - Varnish - Memcached or Redis (Didn't see any stable Redis module so probably going with Memcached) - Rijndael with mcrypt - OPcache - Cloudflare - Server Side Minification (https://developers.google.com/speed/docs/insights/MinifyResources) Your thoughts?
  7. Who has the fastest PS site?

    Dh42, even with a fresh install fully optimized with hardly any modules installed?
  8. Do you know someone who has achieved consistent < 1S page-load speed?
  9. Glad I stumped upon this thread. Did anyone got it to work PS V.1.4.11? I am afraid to mess anything up attempting to get it successfully integrated.
  10. Tomerg, thank you. I have sent you a message on your website requesting for 1.5.7 upgrade to get it to work on 1.4.11.
  11. I am currently running SVN 1.1.7 on my Can I simply download the latest 1.3.6 version and replace the directory and the current hooks would not be unhooked? What's the correct process of updating your module?
  12. I am facing the same issues as I am trying to split the features values to use it for Layered Navigation Module and another module that filters out the features. Were you able to find someone who was able to do code modification to the import database in order to achieve this? I did was Phrasespot mentioned and assigns attributes to the product. However, this just enabled more quantity and messes up the inventory system. Your response is greatly appreciated.
  13. Features Splitting The Value

    Anyone have any idea how to split the value for features? Seems like the only way I can achieve this is to use Attributes instead. However, Attributes will = it's own quantity. Is there a way to merge all the attributes into one? Meaning if someone buys the product and select one attribute the entire product stock goes to "0"