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  1. Do you know sites with prestashop over Windows server IIS?..or how does prestashop deal with IIS?...problems??..compatibility??... Thanks
  2. Hello. Is there any installation guide or any help for prestashop 1.5 in IIS 7,5 Microsoft Windows 2008 R2 servers. There´s a lot of documentación for apache, but nearly nothing about IIS. Question is about prestashop in production mode, not for testing purposes. Thanks.
  3. Hello. I want to set product price when adding product to cart, because price depends on a jquery customization in product page. There´s no way to set a product combination because posibilities are "infinite". How can I do this by code? I know I can add a product to cart with this code: controller=cart&add=1&ajax=true&qty=' + ((quantity && quantity != null) ? quantity : '1') + '&id_product=' + idProduct + '&token=' + static_token + ( (parseInt(idCombination) && idCombination != null) ? '&ipa=' + parseInt(idCombination): ''), but There´s no way to set custom price here. Any help. Thanks.
  4. Solved...it was a mistake between table name and DB_PREFIX..now var_dump returns records.
  5. More information and tests.. If I execute same query and var_dump directly to database, with $cfg_server= "localhost"; $cfg_database = "xxxx"; $cfg_username = "xxxxx"; $cfg_password = "xxxxx"; instead of Db::getInstance()->ExecuteS($qr), it works correctly and return 19 records with all its fields.
  6. Hello. I want to get sql query rows result info through ajax and json. Here´s jquery code: var mod_url = baseDir + '/json_2.php'; var query = $.ajax({ type: 'POST', url: mod_url, dataType: 'json', success: function(comp_arr) { alert(comp_arr); }, error: function (response) { alert(response.responseText); }, }); And here´s php file code : <?php include(dirname(__FILE__).'/../config/config.inc.php'); include(dirname(__FILE__).'/../init.php'); $qr = 'SELECT * FROM '._DB_PREFIX_.'infos_it WHERE infoit=1'; if ($results = Db::getInstance()->ExecuteS($qr)) foreach ($results as $row) { $comp_arr[$i]["id_item"] = $row["id_id_item"]; $comp_arr[$i]["infoit"] = $row["infoit"]; $comp_arr[$i]["icon"] = $row["icon"]; } echo(json_encode($comp_arr)); //return(json_encode($comp_arr)); ?> Jquery Ajax Response is success but null...what I´m doing wrong? Thanks.
  7. Yes, I know, and thats it..but I want to know how programaticaly in jquery or php can I add a product combination to cart. Thanks.
  8. Hello Nemo1. In product page I want to integrate a module with diferent customization options. According to selections, programatically I will know correct product combination and I want to add it to cart.
  9. Hello. I want to develop a routine for adding products to cart programatically, each product has different combinations. How can I add the correct product and combination. Each combination has different reference, EAN and UPC value. Any help? Thanks.
  10. Thanks vekia for your help. I know stickaz is not flash but what i wanted was to show something about my question. I will try to customize prestashop to integrate a flash simulator. Thanks.
  11. Hello... I would like to integrante a flash simulador in my prestashop shop. Something like this: http://www.stickaz.com/en/studio http://www.lookvoiture.com/modules/pm_lookvoiture/flash/customization.php As you can see, simulator fíts nearly all page..i don't know if there's any hook to do this or how can i customize prestashop to integrate something like this. Any help would be apreciated. Thanks.
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