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  1. Hi. I'm running Prestashop version and Paypal version PayPal USA, Canada v1.3.9 . Whenever I i press the checkout button I get this: Unexpected payment error Unfortunately, an error occured while communicating with PayPal. Short Error Message: Transaction refused because of an invalid argument. See additional error messages for details. Detailed Error Message: The totals of the cart item amounts do not match order amounts. Error Code: 10413 Please contact our Customer service and mention this error code to get this issue resolved. Can anyone please help with this? I'm willing to pay a reasonable amount to get paypal working. Thank you. This is urgent! The website is www.vermontpuzzle.com. If you add an item to the cart and go to checkout I get the message as shown above.
  2. I see that block of code that needs to be edited, but i'm not sure what needs to be removed. Anybod?
  3. Has anyone else had this problem? Please someone respond! Thank you.
  4. I just realized this is for the CMS pages, but this does not work for for pages linke index.php, contat-form.php where their meta tag information is editied in: Back Office -> Preferences -> Meta Tags. Any idea on how to edit the code so the shop name isn't put in fron for these title tags? Thanks, I think it is also edited in classes/tools.php, but I'm not sure how to change the code. Thank you. Thanks alot Rocky!
  5. Hello all. I want to remove my shop name from the begining of my Meta Title on the home page (index.php). For example, in my shop it displays: "Shop Title - description" as written in the CMS. I just want it to be instead: "descripton" and i can name add the shop title if need be. Thank you.
  6. Can someone please help me. I have posted before, on the fact that when I upload an image manually through the back office or import it using the import feature, the sizes of my images are dramatically increased. I have asked if someone could please see if it happens to them as well, but no one has every responded. Can someone please check for me? It is very easy to check, just go to your back office -> categories and then click on a product. On the 1. Section: Info, you can clearly see the image size underneath the image on the right hand side. For example, it may say: 24 ko. Nothing I do every fixes this problem. If I make an image size smaller, larger, or exactly the same as specified in the thickbox setting in Back Office -> Preferences -> Images, the problem remains. And yes, this still happens even after I use the regenerate feature. In my store, I am uploading product images around 20 KB and on my product pages, the thickbox image is usually around 100 KB. This is absurd, my product pages take forever to load! I can't figure it out. The picture quality isn't any better, it's the same. And yes, I have saved these pictures in photoshop, using the save for web feature, and saving my images as either .jpgs or .gifs. The problem still persists with all formats! Does no one have this problem? I would appreciate any suggestions to fix this, and would appreciate anyone checking on this in their own store. More info: I am using the lastest version of prestashop. This problem even occured on my first store built with Prestashop version 1, with a different hosting company. Thank you, from a very frustrated e-commercer
  7. In my store, I have categories that may have 50 or so items, a reasonable amount. However, all of the pages in each category have exactly the same meta keywords, meta description, meta title, and the same category description. I place about 10 products per page, so that means for my category, I have 5 pages that are almost identical. In addition, all of the category pages after the first one do not have a search engine friendly link. For example, my 5 category pages are: http://webstore.com/5-category-url http://webstore.com/5-category-url?p=2 http://webstore.com/5-category-url?p=3 http://webstore.com/5-category-url?p=4 http://webstore.com/5-category-url?p=5 Personally, I'm not as concerned about the search engine friendliness of the urls, as I am about all the meta tags and category descriptions being identical. Is there a way to fix this? I would rather have meta tags for the first category page being the ones I specified, and leaving the remaining ones empty so that the search engines can fill it in. At least these other pages would be unique. I'm not knocking Prestashop, I think it's a fabulous e-commerce program, but I would really like to fix this problem. At the very least, is there a way to change the source code so that the meta tags are left empy for the remaining category pages? Is there someone who can help with this? Please!!
  8. Everytime I upload an image either via the back office or through the import feature, Prestashop adds anywhere from 30 KB to 50 KB on my picture size. It doesn't matter if the format is .gif or .jpg, it does it regardless. And It doesn't matter what size I upload neither. I can upload an image that matches the thickbox size as set in the preferences > images, is smaller, or larger, it doesn't matter. Does this happen to anyone else? How do I fix it? I have product pictures that are like 100 KB even though their actual size is like 20 KB!!
  9. Hello all. I just installed prestashop over a month ago and have a live store. I have only one problem, my customers are not recieving emails from my store. The contact forum works fine, that is to say, when they submit a comment it is sent to the store email account. I have already had two customers cancel their orders because they were afraid I would be unaware of their order!!!! Can someone please help me!!! I am using godaddy for hosting and have read on here that it is terrible and doesn't work with much. However, I have managed to get it working with Search Engine Friendly Urls, SSL Certificates, product import loading, and every other feature that Prestashop has to offer. I really need help with this. Also, my email was recieving notifcations when orders were made and now it has stoped working. I have email alerts v1.1 installed. Please help!!! I don't want to switch hosting companies, but there has to be a way to fix this! Thank you!! Also, the problem is not that spam is blocked. I have tried creating accounts with no spam filteres and and adding the store email to the safe list. Please help!
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