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  1. I doesn`t get your point. Can you tell me what you believe?
  2. Hi.... i have a problem... i can`t move the moduls from the left side to the right... At the backend on "modules/position" the select-fiels are disable, inactive... but why? i had the same problem on the older version... probable its a simple mistake...maybe chmods... i don`t know, so please help me :-) PS version:
  3. okay, it is done.... i found a JS programmer... now its looks like I wanted, and it does work too!
  4. ich hab in den datein noch nichts geändert, habe die dateien aber trotzdem neu hochgeladen und chmods gesetzt... leider funktionierts immer noch nicht..
  5. Wenn jemand den JS Script übernehmen kann, dann bezahle ich ihn auch dafür!!!! dringend melden, hier oder icq 329254305
  6. leider ja nicht, hier is alles inaktiv... kann da im drop down nichts auswählen, siehe anhang
  7. wenn ein modul nur rechts angezigt werden kann, also wenn ich nichts bei den positionen ändern kann, wie passe ich am besten dann die datei im php an?
  8. yes, but what i want is that if i choosed a material, so should the second select field just the possible combinations show.
  9. Also ich bin grad am ändern, allerdings suche ich einen JS Programmierer der sich um JS kümmert...
  10. Hi, ich würde gerne das modul "Block- Mein Konto" in die rechte Spalte machen, momentan ist es links. Wie mache ich sowas? Im Backend unter Module->Position ist alles ausgegraut...
  11. Hi, befor I tell my problem i want to say, that my english is not very well... I`m from Germany and the german support is terrible! So i have to ask my question here. I have a Shop and i`m selling for example footballs... You can buy Footballs in different versions! At the product site you should choose a combination. Such as ball-material, leather or plastic. At the second step you have to choose the color -> blue or red for the plastic ball. But the colors for the ball of leather are not the same! Here i have the colors, orange and green. This is just a example, at my shop i have 4 attributes, for each attribute i have 20 values. The user can see a list of combination at the images, but it`s very stressful zu choose value from such a long list, if you may choose blue from a list with 80 entrys. So i want for each attribute a radio-button, so the user have first to choose the material, beside should be a select field with the colors for this Attribute. At the attachment you can see what i want. Can anyone tell me how i can do that? or there are a modul? I can programming in xhtml and a little bit of PHP, but no JS... I very happy if somebody can help me. Perplex Alex C
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