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  1. After I installed this module, my old checkout screen was still the same, nothing changed. I uninstalled the module, my site went down. I called godaddy.com and asked them how I can get an error log and they told me they saw my site on the web. As I checked my site on my screen, it was blank. Godaddy advised me to clear the browser cache and I cleared cache and browser cache, the checkout screen changed to one page checkout, and my site was up. Don't ask me why as I really don't know. I guess this module required cleared the cache and browser cache first before the installation. I checked the module and there was no read me file that tells us to do so. This module works wonderful, however, very happy about it except the installation.
  2. This module is useless. This module is only good for v.1.1. It only sent out a voucher code to the buyer and the code can only be used one time. The module will not send the codes to the gift receiver. And if the item amount is not equal to the gift card amount, it will not work. Don't buy this module.
  3. Sure you can, you are the CEO!! Maybe a discount coupon or something for Prestashop users, either way I am going to have a close look at it, but I think price will be a deciding factor for many, myself included. I am in the middle of contracting a programmer to make a Quickbook module for me. After I get the module, he has the copy right and he is going to sell the module here ($150 he is thinking). Hang in there, everyone.
  4. Rocky is one of the best programmers that I look up to in the forum. Every time when I have questions, I searched Rocky's posts to see if he already answered the topics before... And most of the time, he did. Thank you, Rocky. You are a big saver. He doesn't do any advertisement on his posts. I will do it for him here. Best category module: [MODULE] AJAX Sliding Accordion Categories http://www.prestashop.com/forums/viewthread/34769/job_offers_and_services/module_ajax_sliding_accordion_categories
  5. You can use this module as a blog. It is very easy to install and works great. http://www.prestashop.com/forums/viewthread/46529/third_party_modules/contribution_news_modulemod
  6. Did you just used Star's [Module] Additional question module here http://www.prestashop.com/forums/viewthread/10915/third_party_modules/module_additional_question_module or did you develop a new module? You should give credit to fpff http://www.prestashop.com/forums/member/17820/fpff/ tomerg3 http://www.prestashop.com/forums/member/20153/tomerg3/ Dlani [Mend's] http://www.prestashop.com/forums/member/15671/dlani_mends/ and star http://www.prestashop.com/forums/member/17453/star/ . They made theses modules.
  7. These module are great. Very easy to install. Thank you a lot for sharing.
  8. Thank you for the help. Then wouldn't it increase the size of 1373k to my shop?
  9. Sorry, one more stupid question: After I zip, optimizer my site, do I just leave this web-optimizer with my site? Or do I just remove it? Thank you for the help.
  10. Sorry, I am a little bit lost here. I have download the web-optimizer. Do I install it in the same root directory of my shop but just make a folder of its own? In other words, the folder will be included within my shop? Sorry, I don't know computer much. :cheese: Thank you for the help.
  11. Go to look at the showcase shops, there are so many people who are using 1.25 with attribute groups successfully. Are you sure you know what you are doing? I read your another thread saying using Prestashop is waste of your time, may be you should switch to something else, if every version (according to you) gives you problems.
  12. Can we have a navigation link on the top of the post? Such as next post title and last post title? Can we have muti-categories (organize the posts by categories) ?
  13. Thank you for the reply. I am 99% going to use this news module for my blog. There is just one thing I am hesitated to use this module is the search feature. I am totally not good in programming. I posted a lot of tips on my blog, search feature is a plus. I am still thinking. Star, move your wordpress to this news module, show us how you can make this module a "wow". I am waiting.
  14. I would like to ask a stupid question because I really don't know what blogging does. What can a wordpress do for the shop that this module can not do if we have all of the features that you are going to do? Shouldn't a blog for a shop is posting news and tips to the public? That is it, right?
  15. This template is very beautiful. Thank you very much. However, the modified newsletter module is missing from the file. The demo has the name field. Where can I download the newsletter module?
  16. I just installed it, it works GREAT. Out of the box, no problem at all. THNAK YOU VERY VERY MUCH. Can the module has it own RSS feed? And its own seperate search block that the customers can search the posts by keywords or something?
  17. Sorry, I know very little about computer. Why do we need the customers enable their cookies? What is the benefit of doing this? What is the problems if their cookies is not enable?
  18. I got the same error. What should I hook my blog at the BO? I assigned the parent selection to home. Am I doing it right?
  19. I don't think anybody is making it at all. I just purchased http://www.prestaworks.com gift card module. It did nothing. It only create a voucher code for you. That is it. The system will not send out the code for you. The buyer has to email the code to the receiver. It is a waste of your money. Don't buy it. Highly not recommend.
  20. Hi Star, I just installed the contact form module with security key and changed the codes you told us to change. It works beautifully. Thank you thank you.
  21. This is one of most useful modules. And it works. Thank you very much.
  22. Does this module display in the new product, and on sale product pages? I don't have any manufacturer and supplier. I only need the price range. Do you have a lite version? Is this module only can be displayed in the category and product pages? If I install this module with a block in the left column, will it be displayed on the index page? What about search page? Can it be used just like an advance search module for the price range?
  23. I did not purchase this module yet, but I am considering it. I had purchased 4 modules from 3 different sellers, and ALL of them careless if my modules works or not. It scares me. I see a lot of good feedback about Tomer (is Tomer =Tomerg3?) and he is recommended by a member who I really trust here. Therefore, I am thinking to try this seller. But one concern I have is the module doesn't look (the look)good. It needs costmatic work. I have asked a programmer to help me to make it looks good but she told me she doesn't have the program so it is hard to know if it is doable. So hang there....
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