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  1. Hello from Greece. I would like to know how it's possible to add in the cart, the same product twice, but to create two lines instead of one. I have one product with different attributes (the attributes are retrieved from a secondary database); in the product search list they are shown as totally different products. And I want, when I press the "add to cart" button to each product line (same product, different attributes), to create two lines. I know that I have to change the scheme in the table cart_detail, add attrib columns and reconfing the primary key. Thank you in advance.
  2. Hello from Greece. I am currently building a new PrestaShop site. I have already purchased ZenCart Manager and I would like a PrestaShop management software too; gladly to become a beta tester also.
  3. I'm working on importing data via cvs files. Till now, I'm going pretty well, I have understood everything, including image importing (very cool import feature), products and attributes. The only thing I haven't manage to find out is how to import product info in different languages. For examle, I have my site in Greek and English. And I want, the product descriptions to be inserted in both languages. Is it possible with the import process or must I do it manually; (perhaps using direct imports in the database) Thanx in advance!
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