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  1. Error : ps emailsmanager

    Ok thanks a lots. I will try it
  2. Error : ps emailsmanager

    Hi all, Need your help. How to fix these 2 error? When I select Module and Services, I'm facing this problem ==> [PrestaShop] Fatal error in module file :/home4/belibuku/public_html/kedaibukuonline/modules/ps_emailsmanager/ps_emailsmanager.php: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING Thanks for your advice. Now I'm using
  3. Hi, My PS ==> PrestaShop™ and have a problem with price drop. Prize still showing current prize after add a new specific prize. Can you show me step to solve this problem? I cannot understand what to do base on your solution. Tq
  4. Hi all, I'm trying to set price drop from back office. But it's not function well. I'm still using PrestaShop™ May I know where is my mistake? Hope get the answer to solve this problem. As per reference, please take a look the picture as given. Problem happen Price default = RM72 Price drop = 50% Final price = still RM72?? The answer should be = RM36 but still appear RM72
  5. Hi all, I have a problem with my customer account. She is my agent and always make an order from my website. Her valid orders placed: 329. Now she want to submint order no 330 but failed. Please refer atttachment below. When she click check out button nothing apper Normal system will show like this after click check out button Is it system have a limit to make an order? Because she can't submit order no 330. Only she who face this problem. Need friends help here. I'm using PrestaShop™ Regards, Adli
  6. Hi All, I need your help regarding the problem above. For your information, now i'm using PrestaShop™ I'm tried to follow these TWO step from Mike suggestion : Step 1 Please open your blocknewproducts.tpl and replace {l s='En savoir plus'} with {l s='En savoir plus' mod='blocknewproducts'} And let me know if that resolves your issue. -Mike but i can't find the line {l s='En savoir plus'} in /module/blocknewproducts/blocknewproducts.tpl Step 2 In your Back Office, please go to Preferences > Performance and set Force Compile to Yes and Cache to No. Additionally, please clear your browser's cache. Then, you should see the changes. -Mike Nothing was change after i tried this step. Please refer here http://www.belibukuonline.com.my/ or this picture Hope someone can guide & help me to solve this problem.
  7. Hi all, Why my appear like this? Anything wrong with prestashop or mistake from my site. Please refer here http://www.belibukuonline.com.my. All products position, left & right block, categories & header not as normal position. Please help me & guide me guys.
  8. Hi all, I need your help. I don't know why my site look like this. It should be like this Please refer here http://www.belibukuonline.com.my. If you can see, all products position, categories, left & right block not as normal position. Is it error from prestashop or my error. Now I'm using v1.4.9.0. So I want to know how to solve this problem? Regards, Adli Yusof
  9. Hi all, I have done upgrade PS from to manually. But I have this problem : Your shop version is now Unfortunately, 2 SQL errors have occurred. I don't know why this happen & I need help & guide how to solve this problem. Your help with many thanks. Regards, Adli
  10. [MODULE] Random Featured slider/carousel

    Tq. It's work
  11. [MODULE] Random Featured slider/carousel

    Hi phrasespot, Why this module position at the bottom? Can I set at the top? If yes, how to set it? Please refer here http://belibukuonline.com.my
  12. Saya sedang mencari pakar yang boleh lakukan pemindahan website dari hosting lama ke hosting baru. Sekarang saya ada 2 website iaitu : 1. Blog personal menggunakan Wordpress 2. E-commersite site menggunakan Prestashop Hosting lama ialah Hostcommando & Hosting baru ialah Bluehost. Jadi jika rakan-rakan di sini pakar dalam melakukan kerja-kerja ini, sila hubungi saya segera di alamat email mohd_adli@yahoo.com atau PM saya.
  13. Hi, Saya ada masalah/error untuk upgrade version ke menggunakan autoupgrade module. Sila rujuk attachment Kenapa ya? Selepas error, saya dapati, status payment tidak boleh ditukar. Kenapa ya? Sila rujuk attachment. Bagaimana untuk selesaikan masalah ini? Mohon bantuan ya.
  14. Hi Mike, I have a problem with my autoupgrade. Can you help me?
  15. Hi all, I need members here can solve my problem. I have ask this question before 5 day ago but nobody respond it. My problem is when i try to upgrade from version to I follow all the step and using Autoupgrade module v0.1. But error was appear. Pls refer the attachment below : After that error, I can't chage payment status. Pls refer the attachment below : Another problem is here. Pls refer the attachment below : So I really need someone can help me. I'm very glad to see members answer here.