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  1. Thanks for the comments guys. Where I'm based, the word "invoice" is usually associated with "you have to pay $x" rather than "thank you for paying $x". That's why companies typically mark invoices as "paid" when they have been paid, otherwise assume that they are still open and awaiting payment.
  2. I decided to hack the code, as I needed this functionality fairly urgently. For the benefit of others, what I did was add the following block of code if (self::$order->hasBeenPaid()) { $pdf->Ln(6); $pdf->Ln(7); $pdf->SetFont(self::fontname(), 'B', 20); $pdf->Cell(0, 0, 'PAID - Thank You', 0, 0, 'C'); } just before the line in the invoice() function in /classes/PDF.php which says: $pdf->TaxTab(); Note that due to the way the hasBeenPaid() function works, if an order has been marked as "Payment Accepted" at any point in time, even if you change the status back to "Awaiting payment" it will still show up as paid.
  3. Firstly, I want to thank the PrestaShop team for making this amazing product available, for free! I am wanting to be able to easily distinguish between invoices which are paid, and those which are still outstanding. Is there a way to mark invoices which have been paid with the word "PAID" in large letters somewhere on the PDF page? I suspect it may be a matter of hacking the PDF invoice template, but I'd rather avoid this if possible. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how I can achieve this?
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