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  1. Thank you, I thought about that but if I change group access, registered users won't be able to see it. I mean, no one will be able to see it unless I manually move each customer in that group. It would be hard to move every single already registered customer manually in that new group, and even harder move manually every day each new customer that will be registering in the future.
  2. Hi, Is it possible to show a category only for registered users? It should not be only hidden but also not allowed to access to it or to its products for unregistered users and bots. If needed I am using PS 1.4 Thank you
  3. Hi, sorry to resume an old thread, but I am looking to to the same thing you did. I should need to move all customers to group but I am not expert of db queries. Any help would be much apprecieted. Thanks!
  4. Direi che dovrebbe essere standard per tutte le versioni di prestashop sia nel modulo di contatto che nel blocco newsletter altrimenti... http://iltirreno.gelocal.it/massa/cronaca/2014/06/27/news/carrara-multa-di-ventimila-euro-a-negozio-sul-sito-web-mancava-la-casella-per-il-trattamento-dei-dati-1.9498031
  5. Bump, anyone can help me for as described in post #3 I am willing to pay for the code.
  6. That is just perfect, it allows you to target any page needed. Thanks a lot Vekia!
  7. Thanks, it seems a great solution but I am afraid it works only with PS 1.5 In PS1.4 the payment.php of the bankwire module is located at .../modules/bankwire/payment.php and not under controllers. I tried anyway to add public $php_self = 'bankwire' to the payment.php anyway that give unexpected error. Any idea how to get same result on PS1.4? Thanks!
  8. Hi, that's an interesting thread. I am trying to change width of columns to get a larger column at some pages like the checkout process . ( still using PS 1.4) I already modified the header.tpl shown below to include and IF condition with a custom larger id="center_column_large" which I included in the global.css {if ($page_name == 'order' ) || ($page_name == 'order-confirmation' ) || ($page_name == 'authentication' )} <div id="custom_large_center_column" class="center_column"> {else} <div id="center_column" class="center_column"> {/if} Everything works perfect with the page specified above but it seems to work only with basic page name located at the root of prestashop. I am not able to add other transaction pages of some payments modules like $page_name == '/modules/bankwire/payment.php' located in deeper subdirectories. I tried $page_name == 'modules/bankwire/payment' and $page_name == 'payment' and also $page_name == 'payment.php' no way I can get such page recognized in the IF condition above. I am very close and don't seem so difficult, am I missing something? Thanks
  9. After I updated the new paypal version 3.6.4 from my standard PS 1.4.4 old paypal module, I notice the refunds do not work anymore. When trying to refund a product, I get the message of refund made but no paypal refund is really made, no order statics or statistics get update. Simplye nothing happens neither when trying partial or full refunds. Anyone using PS 1.4 upraded paypal module and have the same problem ? If I simply get back and keep original 2011 Paypal module that came with PS and works flawless with all refunds, is it safe?
  10. I just upgraded my module to the new one and refund/partial refunds do not work anymore. This seems the module never updated this easy fix: http://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/234174-how-to-solve-fatal-error-id-transaction-is-null-when-refundingcancelling-orders/
  11. Vorrei attivare anch'io il remarketing dinamico collegato al mio acocunt merchant, qualucno ha informazioni o riesce ad indicare moduli adattai per prestashop?
  12. Anyone who extensively used both can suggest if you prefer Offerchat or Zopim? Thanks
  13. Ciao, tra Zopim e Offerchat cosa mi consigliate? Vorrei provarle entrambe se il tempo me lo concedesse, ma se qualcuno ha esperienza a lungo termine con entrambe sarei curioso di sapere cosa ne pensa.. Grazie
  14. I think that affect PS 1.4 too. I just updated my paypal module with the new one updated today and my voucher field disappeared... If I revert back to my old paypal module voucher field appers again. It was a lot of time I was afraid to upgrade anything in my shop, now I remember why. I will need to spend a lot of time if I want to use latest paypal module in my shop, nothing of the solution in this thread still worked. EDIT: I noticed voucher filed disappears only with Firefox (every version) but works correctly with Chrome/Explorer.
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