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  1. I don't see why not. Just add your first product along with the features you mention. Then duplicate the product (next to the edit icon) and include all images. Finally, edit each of the products to select a different cover image (you can select which of the 3-images in your example should be used as the cover image on each of the 3-products). I will do as you say, brilliant idea. Thanks
  2. Hi all, straight to the subject: I have a shoes category. (Image 001) For example, one shoe has 3 different colors. I make it into one single product, with 3 color options. Customer can select from drop-down color box and add to basket. (Image 002, I want the color box contain 3 different colors) My Question: Is it possible to display those 3 colors as 3 different products on category page next to each other as in IMage 001 And also When I click any of it, it still goes to the product page and we still have the drop down style) -- I am asking this because, if I group colors into one product without modification, I would have very less amount of shoes displayed. And also women wants to see all colors next to each other at a glance. But I also love the drop down function. Thanks in advance.
  3. There are many premium themes around but not for 1.4.x Please contact me if you have any premium theme offer (for a shoe store) Thanks
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