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  1. Hello


    I'm looking for a module that will allow customers to put expensive items on layaway.


    If that is not available, has there been any success accomplishing the same thing by selling a subscription (a 2 month subscription, or 3 months, depending on the cost of the item) and using that to do the same thing as a layaway? I know that PayPal offers subscription payments.


    Or does layaway have to be done off-site, completely manually?

  2. Hello


    I just installed the version, and have a few questions.


    First, I accidentally mis-typed the name of my shop when I was configuring it, so I need to know how to fix that :blink:


    Next, I'd like to create a tiling background behind the theme. I need to know where to upload the image and if there's any code I need to change.


    I'd also like to know how to remove that computer image on the left hand column of the default layout.



  3. I tried following the steps for removing the "Our Stores" footer, and while the lines of code are no longer there, the footer still is.

    Here is what I removed:

    {if $cms_title.display_store}getPageLink('stores.php')}" title="{l s='Our stores' mod='blockcms'}">{l s='Our stores' mod='blockcms'}{/if}


    {if $display_stores_footer}getPageLink('stores.php')}" title="{l s='Our stores' mod='blockcms'}">{l s='Our stores' mod='blockcms'}{/if}

    Still no luck. Do I have to re-load my website from the admin panel or something?

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