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  1. Anybody who knows where payment modules stores the payment/transaction ids?
  2. Thanks again. I almost have everything I'm looking for:) The last thing I'm missing is payment information for orders. What I need is the id that the different payment modules leaves that is connected to the order. Some I know puts it in the order message and I guess other also puts it in the payment_cc table, but none of these can be retreived using the api, or can it? Also, is tha payment id or transaction id ever placed in any other location?
  3. Thanks. Another thing then. It workes with most fields but not 'current_state' for order which is the one I want to filter on. on the order I can see not_filterable="true", but why is current_state not filterable?
  4. As I didn't get any answer I tried to find the answer in the source code. I found that you have a few filtering options: display: www.yourshop.com/shop/api/orders?display=VALUE Where VALUE can be changed to 'full' or '[current_status,id...]' display makes it possible to specify which fields should be included in the result limit: example limit=5 (gives 5 results), limit=5,15 (gives 10 results) sort: example: sort=id_ASC, sort=current_status_DESC filter: I know it is there but haven't figured out what to give. does anybody know?
  5. Hello. I wonder if there is any filter on the webservice? For example if I want all orders with a specific status or all orders created after a specific date. is this possible in some way?
  6. ok, thanks. When I use that url I get a valid answer, but I can't us it to get any other resources. I have a .htaccess file, is there anything else that is needed for rewrites to work correctly?
  7. If I go to http://myurl/prestashop/0/webservice/dispatcher.php I get 404 Not Found but when I go to http://myurl/prestashop/webservice/dispatcher.php, firefox asks me for username and password. When I try my admin login I just get the following response: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <![CDATA[internal error]]> 1. What username and password? 2. is it still url rewrites that doesn't work? thx
  8. Hello. I have set up my prestashop 1.4 installation and everything works fine. I know want to use the webservice feature, but I can't get it to work. I have fixed all warnings and generated a key as well as enabled the different resources I want. If my shop is located at http://myurl/prestashop and that works as it should and I then goes to: http://myurl/prestashop/api Then I only get 404 Not Found! What do I need to do?
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