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  1. Can you change Add to card buttons to this? : Means: After clicking Add to card it will turn to quantity box and every click on + or - will change quantity in basket.
  2. Think it is that what you are looking for: http://www.bvkyazilim.com/cart/content-management-sharing/34-product-quick-view.html
  3. Yes you are right. That was late night here when i posted this and this morning i get that i dont need module for this, but would be nice to integrate it in theme. So can you help me with this?
  4. Here i found code of that what exactly i wanted: http://www.noobcube....ginners-guide-/ DEMO - http://www.noobcube....er-footer/demo/ All you need is to create module based on this codes.
  5. Hi İ need Fixed Header & Footer Menu module look like on this web site - www.autoutro.ru . When page is opening this is just a simple Header Menu. But, when you scroll down menu still stay on the top and don`t hide. So please check this and answer who can create this module? Thanks.
  6. This is exactly what i wanted from you last year ... Congratulations. PS: there is mistakes in Azerbaijani language version: day/s = gün hour/s = saat minute/s = dəqiqə second/s = saniyə You save = Qənaət or Qənaətiniz Time remaining = Vaxtın bitməsinə other parts is OK
  7. We solved problem. This is not about hosting memory cz we got Unlimited hosting and Unlimited bandwith. Problem was in module files. There were code that was adding some features directly to MySql. That is why even after uninstall it was not working properly. We found that codes and changed. Now everything is perfect. Thank you for your attention. How can i tag it as SOLVED?
  8. This is the end of the page. There is nothing more after red line. That is the problem 2. And problem 1 is that i can see only last order. Lets say your order is number 1 then somebody makes another order no2. After this order i cannot see your order no1 only no2. Then again after order no3 i cannot see order no2 and no1 and all other orders that were there before.
  9. Here is also screen of pages User Orders. Now i cannot see what exaclty client ordered.. I cannot see what is coming after red line...
  10. No it was not installation. I just uninstalled one module datepiker. After its installation Order page on backoffice changed. So i decided to replace this 4 php files because we override them during installation this module with files that was in module folder. After replacing this files site were opening blank page. Now forget bout it!!! We fixed it and front office is working as before. BUUUT in back office order page is not working properly. I will try to explain what is going on. It is showing only last order in orders page. So whenever i made new order i it is showing only LAST order and i cannot see orders that was made before.
  11. Hi Everybody. I have problem with my presta hope you can help me. Prestashop version Got module datePicker. But after installation of it my Order page on backoffice changed little bit and i couldnt see what exactly my clients ordered (I had to download PDF). We wrote to module creators but didnt get any reply. Anyway i decided to uninstall module and did it. But even after UNinstallation order page didnt changed and even get worst. It was showing only one last order, nothing else. Now the problem. After this i just downloaded new prestashop and replaced 4 .php files on classes folder: - Order.php - Card.php - PaymentModule.php -Tools.php The main problem i did not bakcup files ... So after replacing this files my site is not opening. Frontpage and Backoffice showing blank page without any html code. Question: What changes i have to do in that 4.php files from classes folder, so my site gonna run. Any ideas???
  12. hi it is www.yousite.com/modules/feeder/rss.php If you want to configure rss then check this topic http://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/75540-get-all-products-in-rss/
  13. I made it using Lucass files and now it is showing my language symbols. But i have one problem, so i need HELP. All data that is written under Description is stretched, however it should be on the Left side... So where i should go to fix this problem? All other data is showing right.. Here is the image of what is look like and how it should be. Any ideas? ========================== Thanx to ezakimak for post #43. I solved it.
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