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  1. I submited a bug report and made some solutions. the files i'm posting solves part of the issues, it will save and retrieve data in the admin. There seems to be a bug in the counting and i didn't test the actual send e-mail action The Mail.php goes in the classes dir, the AdminTranslations.php goes in BACKOFFICE_DIR/tabs Mail.php AdminTranslations.php
  2. OK the error is in the quotes, just made some changes and could retrieve the data, I will see if i can make a working example soon. I have to see the save action, the retrieve and the send to e-mail action first.
  3. I see for instance the welcome message in the core. If i put some content it doesn't change, i looked some codes and saw that it was indeed getting to the destination, if i changed the e-mail content everything was ok, but subjects was bogus. I saw that it was saved in mails/LANG_ISO/lang.php and then i saw the welcome message for instance, it was like: ' \'Welcome!\'' if i look in the french file it was like: Welcome! (without the space and the ') The ' is what made it bogus, i didn't know if it was when i save or when the content was retrieved, anyway the bug seems to apply only to subjects. I guess that the bug is in the retrieving of the array or in the saving names with spaces or '.
  4. Sorry for the late reply.I got another project and put PS in second plane Put 777 in all folder didn't help, i'll see if i can find a solution during next week. If i find i'll let you guys know
  5. I'm trying to translate a package and when i go to the e-mail translations, every time i save the translation doesn't take effect. It just don't save. Anyone having the same problem?
  6. Another batch of fields added. Please post your work if you add more translations br.gzip
  7. Hi vivian, not all the parts are in brazillian portuguese, i posted here to see if the community will help with the translation and revision. Anyway to install is easy, just download the gzip and go to the backoffice, tools>translations "import a language package manually" and import this file. I presume that it will create the language as well, then you set the language in the proper locations. If you want to translate some part of the language or modify to a more proper language you just have to modify it in modify translation, chosing the right section in the select and clicking on the flag.If you do so you can later export the gzip and everybody who install your gzip will have the translations you improved. A guide can be found in here http://www.prestashop.com/wiki/Languages_and_translations/
  8. I translated the fields in the FrontOffice and BackOffice section, there is still some work to do. In the attachments my export br.gzip
  9. I am translatin only the blank fields, based on a 1.3 translation, i will put it here as soon as i finish the sections. Of course it will be necessary a revision by the comunity
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