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  1. Hi there, Can someone tell me please how can I enable custom delivery date option on checkout process? Lets say customer buying a gift today(18 december) but want gift to delivered on 24th december(exactly). How can I offer an input field on checkout process asking them to enter optional delivery date? Thank you!
  2. Hi guys, Wondering how can I offer future date shipping on my prestashop? Basically on checkout process when they come to shipping stage, there will be option saying deliver it on this date and they will enter date in there. Thank you for help! spiderzaur
  3. Hi, Does anyone know is there any way to exclude tax from COMBINATIONS? I am using v1.3. Anyone knows if that fixed on v1.4? I do not know who decided to include tax in combinations but that is not professional way at all. If tomorrow they change tax, I need to edit all my products manually. That is a lot of work. PLEASE if anyone knows how to exclude tax from combination help me. Very appreciated. Thanks, Zaur
  4. Hi guys, I am pretty new with Prestashop. Sorry if this question sounds so easy. I am trying to setup fixed rate shipping by City. I live in Toronto, Canada. I want to setup 2 fixed rate shipping. 1. If user is in Toronto, Canada, charge fixed rate $12. 2. If user outside of Toronto(anywhere international), charge fixed rate $25. Item count or weight does not matter. I will use my own delivery person btw. So do not want any UPS or anything. Just manual shipment. I appreciate any the help. Thanks, Zaur
  5. Thank you very much guys. I will check "Off Line Credit Card Payment System" and will post again.
  6. Hi guys, I am pretty new with PrestaShop. Have one question. I have store/website setup with prestashop. But I dont want to use any automated checkout system, because I already have merchandise system in my physical store. I want to receive user's credit card info with email so I can manually charge them at my physical store. So to do that I want when user fill the payment form on checkout page, website send email to admin with these info using SSL. And then admin opens his email and charges these credit cards manually. So my questions are: 1. Is this secure if this form use SSL? 2. How can I do that? Any module or addon? or any reference will be really appreciated. Thank you very much for any help. Very appreciated Thanks, Zaur
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