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  1. Did everyting the userguide sayed but cant get the testshop up running. I have installed http://more2life.nu/shop/index.php and added a new group and a new shop at http://more2life.nu/...?controller=404 Alalso the new shop is named 123shop and not test thats the main shop as you can see the tekst is there but the theme dosnt work.... its the standard prestashop theme I am using so no change there. can anybody tell me step by step how to set it up, I am not using other domains withs should make it easy or what?
  2. Tryed to write to the developer on this module. http://addons.prestashop.com/en/front-office-features-prestashop-modules/4826-advanced-auction.html But guess he is dead or out of order Can anybody tell me, do this module work on 1.4.9? It says 1.4.7 but on there homepage its says all 1.4.x http://invertus.lt/demo/ Can anybody help me?
  3. pless


    Sikke et arbejde du har der Keld. Er vil glad for det
  4. Is there any module for that, its just for links to another www? Like in attached file, Using prestashop 1.4.9
  5. Wow, not good. IE is killing everything in internet development, so feel with you m8
  6. How can I get live demo on my productpage? It just for links to another url for every product Many have it already, is it a module or something in missed in the setup? Using prestashop 1.4.9
  7. Sidder med version 1.4.9 og laver "forsøger" det sidste oversættelse (Tak Keld :-) Men kan simpelthen ikke finde der hvor man oversætter menuen i BO Altså Catalog, Customer, Ordres osv. Samme problem med undermenuerne i eks Catalog. Nogle fikse fingre der ved det?
  8. Hej Presta bruger. Laaang tid siden jeg har brugt presta og er nu igang igen. Meget er glem, andet er nyt for mig. Jeg leder efter en person kan kan sætte shoppen op. Her taler vi om kreditkort, fragt, vægt ovs. så shoppen er flyveklar. Vil gerne betale den rigtige person
  9. they are But still not working When I check in firebug it looks fine, and the id on the link is ok too. guess its not working in PS 1.4 then
  10. /* PrestaShop CSS 18 used colors: 10 grays: #374853 #595a5e #5d717e #76839b white #bdc2c9 #d0d1d5 #d0d3d8 #e5e6e7 #f1f2f4 4 fushias: #f6dce8 #dd2a81 #971d58 #5d0630 2 yellows: #f8e1a0 #f9e400 1 green: #488c40 1 red: #da0f00 */ body.cat1 { background-image: url(../img2/back2.png) } body.cat2 { background-image: url(../img2/back3.png) } * { padding: 0; margin: 0 } body { background-image:url(../img2/back1.png); background-color: black; Did it like this and didnt work, am I making a mistake here? Hope you got time for a newcommer Have to tell you that i use PS 1.4
  11. Hi Rocky. I am trying to see what you are doing here. I am a new user, love prestashop and trying to learn here. The header.tpl is ok, but were in globale.css do you make the changes. body.cat1 { background-image: url(../img/cat1.jpg) } body.cat2 { background-image: url(../img/cat2.jpg) } and how do you do it? and what to write exactly in the css hope you can help me.
  12. Where do i put the script? the body of global.css or?
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