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  1. Hi Jimbola, You are correct, I should have read a bit more carefully. You said that you could not imagine people spending that kind of money, which left two support options out of the picture. I love the fact that you bring out the number of downloads with the number of users. This is the kind of numbers that we look at on a daily basis to evaluate our performance. A couple interesting facts is that our closest competitor has the same number of stores, and twice as many downloads, which mean our retention rate is twice as good. In the very near future, you will see several activities that will show you that we are working hard on trying to facilitate the process. How can we help a merchant continue throughout the installation, implementation, and then to run their store as a long term successful business. You suggestion about a $100 / Month support system could be beneficial to PrestaShop. However, this is not what we are trying to accomplish with contract support. Our goal is to provide long term support with our customers so that 5, 6, and 10 months down the road, we are there to support the merchant if they have any questions. Another word, with a $100 / month, more than likely, we would have a lot of one shot technical call and customer support. However we feel like long term the merchant does not really benefit. Our approach is more to support our merchant every step of the way, and to hold their hand as much as possible as they develop their online business. I hope this helps answer the question a little bit. Matt
  2. Hello All, Thank you Jimbola for your feedback. You are making a bit of assumption in regards to only getting support if you spend $4000 a year on a support contract. We provide quite a bit of support to incoming phone call to customers that have questions that might not require to connect to their database or to their file via FTP. If we have to connect, and do some site modification, then we will always ask for a support contract. Much of it has to do with the fact that we need to address some liability issues when manipulating merchant's files or data. Customers that elect to purchase personal dedicated support are typically under the $399 per year plan and they love it. The assumption that you need to purchase the $4k support is actually a bit misleading. This contract actually gives you access to the cell phone number of PrestaShop's Inc CEO, and the ability to have support pretty much anytime from him or his team. I can see now where this sends an erroneous message. We will get the website change within the next 15 days. I am proud at PrestaShop for really trying hard to support our merchants. We will continue to find innovative way to even offer more services to our merchants. I invite anyone to give me a call to discuss, suggest ideas, or share ideas that could help us improve. I am available at 888 947 6543.
  3. Hello Everyone, Thank you for all of you guys that have participated. Forum posts like this always get me sad, however, it is very uplifting to see our moderators step in and try to share some of our philosophy. So a great thank you goes to the moderators, for helping our community, for being volunteers in supporting our users, and in some cases to help us figure out how to make our software better. Moderators aren't expected to provide technical support through the forums, but they do it because they love our product, and they love helping others succeed. A warm thank you to DH42, Vekia, Nadie, El Patron and many more. Online Office USA, Thank you for using PrestaShop. I usually do not answer these kinds of posts, but somehow this post struck a nerve. I know that you called on several occasions. Once we helped you figure out database issues when moving from one host to another so that you could install the software. Another time, Frank helped you with a design problem that you had on the template. We provided you with several alternatives to fix your issue, but you turned down our service. PrestaShop is very different from BigCommerce. If we controlled all your files by offering a SAAS solution, then yes, there would be less issues, but you would be much more limited in what you can do as an e-commerce merchant (number of products, site design, performance, etc). Would we have issues like database migration? No. You would have to use our servers, and the database would be on our servers. You could not choose your hosting provider, or try to migrate hosting providers (You just could not do it!). Problem with the translation tab with Max input variables? No, because once again we would host it, and nothing could be modified on the sofware. Another side note, who owns your data when using a hosted solution? (Just something to think about) PrestaShop bends over backwards to offer a powerful solution with so many features, and we keep it free (in large part, thanks to the moderators). The moderators bend over backwards as well, and we are very greatful for their help.
  4. Hello, Antonio, I am sorry about the delays in getting back to you. Benjamin was out for a couple of days. Nevertheless, I need more information to process your refund. Please send me your order number, and your first name / last name, and I will be more than happy to process the refund. If you would rather explore another avenue such as help with the module or something, I would be happy to put that together for you. To transmit personal information, please use the pm system. Just let me know... Take Care
  5. Hello Enzomomo. This is actually done on purpose within the PrestaShop software at the previous request of several merchants. What's happening is that there might be time when an order is cancelled while it's removed from stock, ie damaged items, shipping problems, and etc. When an order is cancelled, it is important to increase the quantity manually when the item does not leave the stock room. We have had the software behave both way, and either way, some folks do not like the default configuration :-(... While it's not exactly what you were hoping to hear, I hope that this can help shine some lights on your questions. Matt
  6. Hi Technophobe, Bluehost is a very good hosting company. Overall we have seen hundreds of user really enjoying there services. Now, the configuration might be a bit different depending on how you sign up. If you sign up using http://bluehost.com/prestashop you get a special configurations that we negotiated with them for our users. This configuration guarantees that the site will run nicely. Now that is a great configuration for small to medium sites. If you are looking for a bit more power A2 hosting also offers VPS, dedicated hosting for PrestaShop users with servers worldwide. Give me a call at the office, 888 947 6543, and I will help you troubleshoot the speed on your website. Thanks Matt
  7. Hello, Assuming you are using PrestaShop, you can navigate under Preferences / SEO URL. From there turn this feature off, Click Save. In your front office navigate to a couple of products. Come back to your back office, turn that feature back on and save. Navigate a few products in the front office. That will regenerate your .htaccess file. Be careful, any custom changes to it might be gone... Take care.
  8. Hello, Many users create a sub-domain for example shop.mydomain.com or a directory www.mydomain.com/shop. On your custom landing page, you can have a link to your shop, allowing your users to navigate to it. That way, you do not have to worry about about smarty or anything. Would that accomplish your mission?
  9. Hello, Feel free to give me a call at 888 947 6543, I would love to help you figure out how to best configure you servers to run optimally with PrestaShop... We have a hard time with GoDaddy and their dedicated server is not really dedicated... Give me a call and I will share ideas with you.
  10. Hello, My guess is that you are using a modified theme. Under your theme/module directory, there are a few modules listed there for blockuserinfo, manufacturers, and etc. Because they are under you theme directories, the PrestaShop software will use these files instead of the modules included in the new version. You can either fix these files to make them more compatible with 1.5.3, ignore the errors by turning error reporting off and dev mode to false in the config files and back office, or by using the PrestaShop files included with the new default theme or under the module directory. You can find more about the infracstructure of the software with our developer guide located at prestashop.com/resources. Thanks
  11. Hello, You can also put your store in catalog mode if you do not wish to show price, and a checkout system. It will be under the preference menu of your Back Office. Thanks
  12. Hello Vekia, If you are using a PC, you can clear you cache and cookies by pressing CTRL SHIFT and DELETE at the same time. I am inclinded to believe that it is a cache issue as well. May be your work computer was cached as well? Thanks Matt
  13. Hello, Did you take a look at the instructions? They can be found at www.prestashop.com/resources. You may select the merchant guide... Thanks Matt
  14. Hello Raggie, We strive to ask our developers the highest level of customer service, and they should respond in a timely matter when contacted via the addons system. Furthermore, they should really put forth all the efforts necessary in resolving the problem. I would like to help you in getting this resolve, can you please give me a call at the office tomorrow at 888 947 6543, ext 303, so that we can find a solution, and I can learn more about the developer who is not meeting our mutual expectations for customer service. Thank you Matt
  15. Hello Everyone, and Thank you for the feedback, Several good news are brewing right now, the first one is that version 1,5,3 will be released shortly after the holidays, and it incorporates many bug fixes from PrestaShop 1.5.2. One noticeable difference is that V1.5.3 is has been given quite a bit of time in QA than usual, as we are all working hard aiming to make this version extremely stable. The feedback that we have received in 1.5.2 has been very valuable. PrestaShop is now using Github, https://github.com/PrestaShop. This tool will allow us to work closer to the community, and hopefully resolve more bugs a bit quicker. Happy E-commerce everyone! Thank you again!
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