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  1. Well, I finally got it working. What a nightmare! I created a post to help others... https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/544144-fedex-carrier-important-notes-about-freight-shipping/
  2. Well, I finally got it working. What a nightmare! I created a post to help others... https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/544144-fedex-carrier-important-notes-about-freight-shipping/
  3. Well, I finally got it working. What a nightmare! I created a post to help others... https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/544144-fedex-carrier-important-notes-about-freight-shipping/
  4. I wanted to share some bits of information that I had to figure out the hard way... the really hard way... with over a month of wasted time. If you just happen to put everything together right to get the Prestashop Fedex Carrier working with freight, well that is fantastic. But I will tell you, there are a lot of ways to get lost along the way and a lot of things that can go wrong. Plus, very little documentation and absolutely NO help from Prestashop. So here are some important notes to remember. When you install the Fedex Carrier module by Prestashop, no matter how much you think you need to modify the carriers, do NOT change them! Logic says to modify them, but do not. Yes, the weight ranges are not correct in the carriers that the module adds, but somehow it works anyway. If you make changes to the carriers, there is a high probability that it will break the freight features. I learned the hard way. Do not disable any of the carriers that are installed with the module. You may have been told by Fedex that your account is all set up for "Fedex Freight", but you might discover the module only works with other freight options. For me, the rates are only pulling for the 1, 2, and 3 day freight and ground settings. I can't explain it and apparently neither can Fedex. If your fedex account is not set up for certain options, then those carriers will not be displayed to the customer. Better to just leave them alone. You must have an account with Fedex Developer so you can use Fedex Web Services. There are instructions for doing this on the Fedex website and a link to it in the module. Be aware that there are random issues with the Fedex developer website that gives you the necessary credentials. You may get website errors. Just keep trying until you are successful. They send you an email with your production password in it. There seems to be intermittent problems with the e-sign process for their disclosures/agreements. Even though you e-sign, the system sometimes does not recognize it. This happened to me several times. Check the bottom of the email for a paragraph that says your production key is either enabled or not enabled. This is what I kept seeing initially “Your Production Key is not enabled to use FedEx Web Services at this time. You need to initiate this process and then the FedEx customer who owns this application needs to review, sign and send us the FedEx Web Services End User License Agreement.” It took many tries to finally get it to say this “Your Production Key is enabled to access all of the Standard FedEx Web Services for Shipping, automatically.” Note that each time you go through the Fedex Developer Web Services process to obtain a production key for your account, it changes all of your credentials. You cannot mix credentials from a previous key request. Your Fedex account must have freight and ground enabled within one account. Some people on the web and even at Fedex will give you false information, trying to tell you that ground and freight must be in separate Fedex accounts. That is old and obsolete information. You want everything in one account. Don't waste your time like I did. If your module is connected to Fedex ok, it will tell you all is well. However, that does not mean that freight is working. It may or may not be working. Don't use that as an indicator. All of your products that require shipping must have weights and dimensions. You will still have a problem with "Free Shipping!" showing up in several places for guests who have no signed into an account and entered a shipping address. This is very misleading and will confuse customers. Assuming you are not intentionally using free shipping for any reason, then I suggest you change your language translations that say "Free Shipping!" to something else. I changed mine to "Address Needed". You will need to change that in the Front Office translations and Module translations. If you are intentionally using free shipping, but still have this showing up when it shouldn't, I am not sure what you will do about that. I do not think Prestashop thought this part out very well. I hope this helps someone. I know there were a lot of people out there asking for help with the Fedex freight options and no one stepped up. Hopefully this saves someone some stress.
  5. Thank you for the offer, but I have resolved the issue today.
  6. Hello, For some reason, the default Fedex Carrier module that comes with Prestashop will not pull LTL freight rates. It won't pull any freight rates at all. I have not been successful in getting any assistance making it work. I either need someone to get that module working with LTL freight or I need a new module that will pull Fedex LTL freight rates. The default Fedex module is ideal, if it would actually work. It allows me to pull the rates for ground with no problem. It has check boxes to enable freight, but they do not work. I need to display ground for orders 150lbs or less and LTL freight rates for orders over 150lbs. I am looking for someone who is experienced and has some evidence that they know what they are doing and can be trusted. Please provide a time frame for completion, your proposed solution, and a flat rate. I need this done right away. Thanks!
  7. I appreciate the information! It has been really hard getting help with this matter. I do not usually post in multiple threads, but I had to get someone to notice. Yes, LTL is necessary. We are open to other carriers, if it makes sense and works in the US. I will check out FreightCenter, but it won't help me without a module. I have mentioned before that I will gladly pay for a module, but no one has stepped up. If you figure something out, I would greatly appreciate the help!
  8. I DO need LTL freight. We are shipping large furniture such as beds, couches, tables, etc. So we need accurate LTL freight rates.
  9. I have submitted a bug ticket for this and have had no responses to that either. http://forge.prestashop.com/browse/DOC-390# I have submitted a request for a quote to Presta Heroes to either fix that module for me or build a new one. That was 5 days ago and no response. I asked Presto Changeo if any of their modules can provide freight rates and they said no. I cannot reach anyone through any means of communication from Prestashop. Why have they packaged their default fedex carrier module with multiple freight options, but provide absolutely NO support on it? I am beyond frustrated!
  10. I have yet to find any solution to this issue. This is probably the first time I have had this much trouble getting something to work with Prestashop. I have been using it for many years for my clients. But it wasn't until now that I had to account for freight shipping. If you happen to find a solution, please share it with me. I will do the same for you. good luck!
  11. I am willing to pay someone if they will make me a module or make the default fedex carrier work. I am not able to code a module to that extent myself. Manually adding rates would be concerning, since rates can change at any time. I want something with real-time auto updating rates. We can switch to UPS if we can find a freight module. They are shipping large furniture like beds and couches.
  12. Bill, I already talked to them. None of their modules offer freight rates. Thanks though!
  13. Thank you for the reply. It is frustrating that no one has had any luck with the PS fedex module freight option. I feel like it has not worked in years and no one from PS cares. From looking at how long people have been asking in the forums about the freight option and not once has anyone had a solution or even a response for these people. I am pretty disappointed with PS support right now. I have reached out to other vendors for a solution too and cannot find any at all.
  14. Do you have freight working on any current PS versions? I cannot get it to work and could use some help.
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