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  1. Hi Troy, Thanks for your reply. Have try the code you mention and see how it's goes. Thanks again!
  2. Hi Calisyoda, Thanks for your reply but I am not using V1.4. I am using Version Any ideas how to solve the issue? Appreciate your help on this.
  3. Hi Guys, The problem still exist - i can't even log in now! as mention on the guide, what i did was just add in the // on the first sentence but when i open it out and paste as it is. Yet when i click on my website - it's blank!? What are the step did i do wrong? Also i notice that when i add in // on the first sentence, it's mention there a error on it. how can i fix it? (My number was on line 165 instead of the line 195 Appreciate anyone able to help? Thanks!
  4. Thanks! - Didn't know this will be a great help as i am also SH user! Will try it out and test the result - but one funny thing to note that even when i try to use on wireless area - Mac 24/7 it's still happen even when i am using singtel wireless login. Well, will have to test it out to confirmed it. So just change the File: classes/cookie.php will do. Am i right to say that?
  5. Thanks for the thread that you mention. I am not sure whether the problem lie on the connection as i actually did try to use on other server as well. (As my country have 3 internet service company) When i try using other connection from my laptop, it's still prompt me to log in whenever i try to update my list, etc. But when i try using my gf laptop, it's work perfectly fine. I believe it's lie on the setting that we did for our laptop / Com? Will have to test out again when i have time.
  6. Thanks for your help on this. Will look into and try to solve it if there's any issue. P.S: funny thing is that when i use my gf laptop, it's working fine! I believe we have set something wrong on our personal laptop / desktop but will try out the method that you mention. Thanks!
  7. Hi there, I need on this - how can we solve the issue of getting log off / prompt to log in whenever i try to click on the links within the backend? This is killing my time and effort as everytime when i create a list, it start to prompt me to log in which didn't manage to save my list. Appreciate anyone able to solve this issue or does anyone happen to get this? I am using Version, appreciate anyone can help me out on this? Thanks!
  8. Same here! My shipping price increase whenever customers are keen to purchase through my site.. Did you manage to solve the issue? Or anyone able to solve this issue?
  9. Hi there, I notice that there's some problem on the shipping charges. The shipping charges is higher than what we indicated on our backend. Is there anyway to solve the issue? Note that we are using Prestashop Version Appreciate anyone can help out on this? Thanks!
  10. Hi guys, Been trying to solve this problem but i am not really good in editing the thing. there's 2 problem that i encounter with. URL: http://thattoyshop.com/laptops/6-macbook.html 1. When i click 'Send to a friend' , it's show internal server error. 2. When i click 'Send Question', it's show the same result. why is it so? I have also attached the following modules if anyone able to help me solve this problem.
  11. Hi, Thanks for your help but te problem is that I can't really export the whole Database out (I am not sure why but it's happening to my store. It's doesn't really look good.) From what you mentioned, I can actually cut and copy the files into the site (Upgrading) without much changing. Am i right to say that? Appreciate your help. Thank you.
  12. Hi there, Would like to check whether is it possible to upgrade from the version to the latest without any issue? Recently i notice that my catalog has lost some of the feature and i believe I have to upgrade to solve the issue. However when i download the package, i notice that the installation will be a brand new which i will lost all my links from the URLs that i create as well as the shipping format. Would like to check whether is there any that we can upgrade it without messing shipping format / URLs? Appreciate anyone can help me out. Thank you. Regards, Spark
  13. Hi, Basically is that we can't actually publish our item via the backend system. Plus normally we have the usual 4 tabs while uploading the items, now it's show only 2 tabs. The rest looks ok to us. are we able to retrive the products that was gone? Is there any one who's facing this and able to solve it? Appreciate you can help. Thanks.
  14. Guys, I seriously need help on this. As i have a template that i haven't been updating since Version - 1.235s As i am afraid that my template will go hirewire after the upgrade. However the funny things is that my site are gone [items]?! Does anyone here have any idea what happen? I try to publish a new item and it show errors!? I need help on this.. i been doing quite alot of SEO myself so i don wish to wash my affect on this..please guys.. Thanks .
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