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  1. All replys are welcome, but some are more welcome than others. I am looking to move this forward in a positive way htacces does not rewrite source code in prestashop I have given a clear log of what I am doing above and the objective is to identify all the changes required that will allow shared ssl's. If you are going to post a reply make sure you have read all the posts above so that your post may be the one that Gets us closer to our goal.
  2. Hi, Meromanche I sympathise with you...However I am actually off on holiday till end of march I was just having a quick look around to see if I could answer anyones questions before logging out Please don't think no one on this forum listens as a recent member myself I have found that there are more people looking for answers than you may think but a good thing about this forum is that usually when you do get a reply it is pretty helpfull However it seems to help the more specific you are I myself am happy to answer anything I can to help others I must admit My problems tend to be pretty technical and source code related as I spend huge amounts of time on a problem (A benifit of being free from the restrictions of a normal day job ) Please PM me with a list of your problems and I will have a look at them when I get back from Holidays I have found being specific is the single most important thing when looking for answers This is difficult for forum beginners but gets easier the more experienced you get on forums Most of the members who can help have no time for chit chat so a curteous Hi Guys and strait into the problem If solved a Curteous thank you is all they want ....OH and of course help others. Please don't lose hope
  3. Still Working on this Update; On holiday till end of march
  4. No Problem Einstien said Nothing should be more complicated than it needs to be. He also said If you can't explain something simply, You don't know enough about it. Solved
  5. PROGRESS REPORT After fudging around in the page source code I managed to get the page to go to the secure server after a bit of editing in the header.tpl I feel similar editing will allow most pages to load ok Heres a link to the shared ssl page for anyone to have a look This page was arrived at by clicking on the Check out button which asks for (SECURE URL}/order?test=1 https://web44.secure-secure.co.uk/rougecustomers.com/authentication.php?back=order.php?step=1 I am keeping a log and will post it when it is worth using THE NEXT STEP is to have the CSS called to the page to make it presentable An overview so far. I have found the coding in prestashop to be clearly written and very tidy which is making it a bit easier than some other tasks (So thank you prestashop) By using a template engine and HOOKS I just have a lot of checking to do If you can help please make a suggestion Lets crack this thing...
  6. Hi From what I can see from your image it looks like you have installed prestashop in your public_html folder And I don't see a folder called "prestashop.com" If that is the case ...Then you cannot also have an index.html file with the page links below ---------------------- * Joomla/ * THEBARBEQUECLEANERS.COM/ * THEBBQCLEANERS.COM/ * b2evolution/ * en_googlebase.xml * img/ * practicehvac.com/ * practicehvac704/ * prestashop_1.4.0.17.zip * tools/ -------------------------- as the server automaticaly searches for "index" files within any folder on your server if you do not specify a filename in the url (it will first check for a index.html and if not found wil then look for index.php or asp or aspx or any other index file til it finds one if it does not find one you will get a page not found error ie: I would also advise you download the prestashop zip file you have their and store it on your computer rather than on your server. ( if you are providing the prestashop zip file for others why not just send them to the prestashop download page) Easiest solution for you is to reinstall prestashop into a folder with a name of your choice ie prestashop.com
  7. Hi If you would like help please post the full url to your site from the error message it would seem that something weird is going on as the requested url shown on the error is prestashop.com seems a bit unusual if you have prestashop installed in a folder in your domain called prestashop then the url you should type in is http://www.yourdomain.com/prestashop If you have typed in http://www.yourdomain.com/prestashop.com this would cause the error Please make sure you actually have the path correct in the url or in any link to the shop
  8. PROGRESS A previous post suggested that cookies may have been a problem But I cannot find this to be the core problem Currently checking the "classes>tools.php code for possibilities
  9. SHARED SSL PROBLEM "UPDATE" You will have seen from the previous posts what we are trying to achieve here Just to keep you updated I am Now searching through prestashop code to find the different variables that Call "$base_dir_ssl" This should take me to all paths and vars that cause the __PS_BASE_URI__ to use $base_dir_ssl This could take a while as there could be numerous calls and variable changes throughout the code to work our way back to the original instance. So Please be patient. Incidently ...If prestashop developers are reading this and are planning to solve this please do me a favour and let me know as I would so like to try something easier.
  10. Cheers I was not having much luck with command line searches in Filezilla Downloaded Wingrep on your advice heres link http://www.wingrep.com/ Info for others: Windows Grep is a tool for searching files for text strings that you specify.
  11. Hi Mr Baseball34 Thanks for your response I acknowledge your High 4 Star rating And Hope you can help in this solution Please read below. Please feel free to PM me about this subject as I really would like to solve this. Any Explanations given are intended as help for those who like I once was are just beginning to get their head around this techie stuff So please If you are a "Techie" I know you "Knew that" To be Specific: We have established that in the init.php The section of code you show is definately of relevance. $protocol = 'http://'; $protocol_ssl = 'https://'; $protocol_link = (Configuration::get('PS_SSL_ENABLED')) ? $protocol_ssl : $protocol; We Have "Two" Types of SSL Private and Shared I am Focusing on the Shared SSL Problem Let me Clearly Identify what I believe to be the "BIG STUMBLING BLOCK" Shared SSL's Work by directing required secure pages through a "Nominated" (Usually by Your Hosting Company) Secure Server. In my case this is Love2host.com Who Is A Reseller Using Heart Internet services who provides the secure ssl server in the form ServerID.secure.secure.co.uk The site I have created for trying to resolve this problem is www.rougecustomers.com The Site Only has prestashop loaded into the root ( I have no intention of selling anything from the site ) So don't visit it looking to see whats for sale. After enabling SSL in preferences and editing "$protocol_ssl" to the Following $protocol = 'http://'; $protocol_ssl = 'https://web44.secure-secure.co.uk/'; $protocol_link = (Configuration::get('PS_SSL_ENABLED')) ? $protocol_ssl : $protocol; After Editing The Above Hovering over The "Check out" button produces the link below https://web44.secure-secure.co.uk/www.rougecustomers.com/order.php?step=1 This confirms That prestashop has SSL Enabled The Problem is the URL has a "www." inserted by "The prestashop Script" From init.php we know that $protocol_link = (Configuration::get('PS_SSL_ENABLED')) ? $protocol_ssl : $protocol; is the part of the code that checks for SSL being enabled and then enters the appropriate protocol Either "$protocol_ssl"(in this case) (https://web44.secure-secure.co.uk/) Or "$protocol" (if ssl was not enabled) simply "http://" What we need to find is the part of script that then add's the Base URL After That IE: www.rougecustomers.com/order.php?step=1 If we can get the "www." to not be inserted then all the url's created will be correct For example if you manualy alter the url and remove the www. in the browser The Script will move along to the next part but show and page not found on server error Because all url's created by the script contains the "www." in the url So The Only thing it seems optomisticaly we need to do to get prestashop to work with Shared ssl's is get the script to remove the "www."
  12. In addition to my previous post anyone who can identify the file that actually defines the $local_host would be a great help as I just cannot seem to find it There is obviousley a part of the script that creates the url's below when SSL is not Enabled Wher the links Cart Check out are displayed These sections of code are taken from the index page with ssl "OFF" in the first example and "ON in the second example Cart Check out And If Server params "$protocol_ssl is changed to = 'https://web133.secure.secure.co.uk/' Cart Check out As you can see from the above examples in the first instance the www. is correctly positioned But in the second example the "www." preceeding the domain name is not required How can we change this Please What part of the code writes these Urls If edited in the browser removal of the "www." actually calls the ssl but the server reports that the file order.php cannot be found on the server. (I suspect because the script has added the www again on the fly.) I am so looking forward to any replies to this
  13. Hi To all, I have joined this forum as my username suggest to try and give something back for all the help that I have recieved from forums like this in the past. I would like to ask your assistance in an problem with "Prestashop" opensource Shopping cart which everyone speaks extremely highly of:- With one exception It will not work with shared SSL's The back office admin has a radio button to choose Enable SSL this invokes the init.php to select "https://" then the "$server_host" variable adds the "path to page" in a test installation setup on a unused domain I have when clicking the view basket gives https://www.rougecustomers.com/order.php?step=1 ---Which is ok for Private SSL I can alter the $local_host_ssl to display "https://web44.secure.secure.co.uk/ On a shared SSL at heart Internet whos shared SSL is ((ServerID + secure.secure.co.uk)+ $local_host )however this gives the problem display of:- https://web44.secure.secure.co.uk/www.r ... php?step=1 Which has a "www" where it is not required I feel that If I could Identify the "$local_host" definition to remove the "www" from the created URL This would be a step in the right direction. However I cannot find that part of code in the Script. Can Anyone here help by adding to this
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