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  1. My supplier has a CSV feed that is updated daily and I want import and update my products from that feed. I also only want to add products from certain categories not all of them. Please note I want this to update daily AUTOMATICALLY and not have to upload manually each day. Thanks Here is the data feed if that helps - http://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/150530-automatic-import-from-csv-feed/ Please PM me if you can do this. Thank you
  2. its amazing how many posts go without answers on here, if it wasn't so much hassle I would swap software tomorrow.
  3. Did you manage to find a solution as I am having the same problem! Thanks
  4. I'm good with CSS but not so familiar with jQuery. What changes would I need to make exactly? Is it just the 2 sections below I need to alter? //Home Featured products $.each($('div#featured-products_block_center ul li'), function(index, obj) { insertReviewRating(obj); }); //Product list $.each($('ul#product_list li div.right_block'), function(index, obj) { insertReviewRating(obj); });
  5. I have one little tweak that I want to make but don't know how. I want to change the position of the review module on the product list page and on home featured. I want it to appear just after the product title on both of these if that is possible. Thanks
  6. Ok I want an email to be sent to my customer when I mark my order as completed. I want it to include a link to the product they bought asking for a review or feedback on that item. Something like this: Thank you for your recent order... blah blah blah... can we have some feedback please (link to product) Thank You The problem Im having is how to link to the product automatically? Thanks
  7. Found it! You can delete individual reviews in the database using phpMyAdmin and deleting them in "ps_agile_review"
  8. First of all this is a great module! Is there a way to delete reviews once they have been approved? Thanks
  9. Did you find a resolution to this? I have the same problem!
  10. Anyone? Surely this can be done or am I asking the impossible? I love prestashop but the support in these forums is pretty poor to say the least.
  11. Once again thousands of people rushing to help.....
  12. On my product.tpl page at the moment it shows "you save 20%" but I would like it to show the amount saved like "You save £20.00" Im using version and the code at the moment is: {if $product->reduction_percent != 0 && ($product->reduction_from == $product->reduction_to OR ($smarty.now|date_format:'%Y-%m-%d' <= $product->reduction_to && $smarty.now|date_format:'%Y-%m-%d' >= $product->reduction_from))} {l s='(You Save'} {$product->reduction_percent|floatval}%{l s=')'} {/if} Any help would be appreciated, Thanks
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