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  1. Hi Guys, if anyone does the same I did - i.e. migrated 1.3 or such to 1.7.7 here is my experience: Did the transfer of category and _lang as well as the category_product linkage. However in the newer version, there is a "Root" category id = 1, which is not present in older versions of the database. So I had to modify it and create a "Home" category relating to id=1 and mark as root category then update the connections (id_parent) from id=1 to that new home category (for me I had space for id=2) and the depth needs to be managed accordingly (in my case I needed to increase all by one, leaving category 1 to depth of 0). If you are moving form version without category_shop table, you will need copy the content table category into that category_shop with the appropriate shop id (I only have the default =1). Also dont worry about the nleft and nright also position columns, those get updated by the system the moment you make a change to a category position in the Admin UI. This re-arranged all the categories and showed them in the interface as well as in the shop. Here is my 1.3 category table: And here is my 1.7.7 category table: Hope that helps someone else. 🙂 NB - to the post of @HackID1 (above) - I only have one category marked root - and that is my category 2 (the home category - not id=1 the root category)
  2. Thank you JBW! That is a very valid concern! To that - I am checking the data in advance but the idea is to have a mirror image of the old shop.... Most importantly, the suggestion to mirror Product into Product_shop solved the issue!!!! Thank you!!
  3. Hello Presta-Community! I have finally taken the plunge and did the unthinkable - an upgrade 😱 The new version is up and running fine, I started moving the data from the current shop to the new version via the database (so all IDs are exactly the same). I have successfully moved Addresses and Customers, Categories, Attributes and Features, I have pushed products in as well, but that is where I hit a problem: while all the other parts of the data collection are fine and visible in the Back-end UI, Products do not show (although they are in the database). I have imported: product, product_attriubte, product_attribute_combi, products_attribute_image, products_download, product_tag, product_lang Any ideas what may be wrong? Thank you!
  4. Use the one from 1.1 - it is JS - the change of Presta and its templates are not that big (they are but for that purpose you should be able to easily adapt the JS to your needs)
  5. This is easy to do - jsut put an if condition in the JavaScript distributed as part of the package... in the example. This way you will be able to make the decision which text you would like to show and when. V
  6. @milan77 The module does show a pop up to say that the quantity was changed.
  7. Hello plextor, it does not matter if you put the ; or not. I suggest you keep it there just in case you would decide to extend the style of that tag. Installation help is available if you need - just PM me for costs. the module makes a change to the data tables of prestashop - it adds a column, this will not interfere with your import. However you will need to add the MQC value for each product. This can be done stratight in your database, but there is no userland function to help with that. As I said, let me know if you need help - PM me for costs. V
  8. the original version automatically makes the change based on mathematical rule of 5 rounding, which will change the number of ordered products to the next multiplier level as soon as you hit the mid mark of the multiplier, otherwise the nubmer in the order field will not change (even if you put 1 the multiplier will change to the minimum order). the same behaviour is in the cart: i.e. the + adds the moc and the - removes moc quantity. as demonstrated by the movie referenced on the original post.
  9. Hey O.S., If you were looking to do the export of CSV whitelighter is having the module. I am working on a SOAP implementation module to connnect to CRM too, so let me know if you are interested to hook up. V
  10. Hi! Yes, it is confirmed that the problem is email related - seems like when the email function breaks the order completion process does not finish off but breaks. This is apparent in the sequence of the way the code is executed when the hooks take over. You may need to check the set-up of your smtp server settings in presta.
  11. Hi All, Just wanted to introduce to this forum the new product we have completed - an extension to the core Prestashop system. With this extension it is possible to turn any Payment Module into a module which requires add-on charge. In brief: * Extends the core Prestashop 1.2 files * Allows for any payment module to add on charge with minimum modifications * Accounts for Flat and Percentage charges out of the box * Integrates with the built it Tax functionality * Correct detail passed to the client * Fully Language aware and translatable * Example module available out of the box Have a look at the presentation. PM or email for further detail. Best regards! VM Global Consulting LTD PaymentExtraCharge.pdf
  12. K0gaion! Thanks a bucket m8t!!!!! If you want to post bugs, you can do through here: http://www.prestashop.com/bug_tracker/ or click on the link in the top of this page. I have already posted the above as a bug, where the team decided to tell me that I need to try their other alpha (as the 1.2.5 was a fairly good alpha). Good work! V
  13. as I just posted above, the module rewrites the URL sent to GA.... it has nothing to do with what you see on the address bar or the work of the SEO module... just follow the instructions in the GA module verbatim - presta backend. If you have the time and were interested, you can always read the code of the module, so you can see how it actually works.
  14. stealthmktg, the module encodes the result for the JS call when sending it over to GA. So it is essential that you maintain the set-up of the funnel as per the instruction of the module. Otherwise the tracking wont work.
  15. VM Global Consulting LTD offers to PrestaSHOP users a quick and easy SERVER TUNNING service. Our experience shows that sites have seen between 30-50%* increase of efficiency and speed after the tune-up service. Applicable to VPS, CLOUD and OWN (hosted/colo etc) servers also shared servers with own HTTPD and MySQL configuration files, SSH access is preferred - if the configuration is available via a control panel that would be sufficient (apache and MySQL instances - LAMP/WAMP stacks or *NIX platforms). If un-sure, please contact us via PM and let us know which host you use and what package you are on. These questions are a FREE and Non Obligatory service - we aim to respond within 24hrs. The Tune-up is charged at €49 per server/domain, and (usually) does not cause server down time (you will be told otherwise). PM me now to book your server tune-up! Satisfaction Guaranteed or Your Money Back! Vlad Senior Consultant VM Global Consulting LTD * very much depends on the server configuration and site load. We will assess your site and recommend the upgrade only if necessary!
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