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  1. Hello, i would like to update language package in Prestashop But administration says: Cannot connect to the PrestaShop website to get the language list. I downloaded tranlation manually. But if I check translation php files on FTP it is everywhere cs.php files. But downloaded files are maybe in new code form cs-CZ.php. As there are a lot of modules folder it is really hard to rename all php language files one by one. Is there any way how to handle this? My Prestashop is updated since 1.5 version where the language code should be different maybe. But this is really hard to update without access to Prestashop website + with different code of downloaded files for me. Any ideas and advices how to solve this problem? Thank you Radek
  2. Hi, excuse me. The version is So it looks it will be different files. Maybe some file in \modules\productcomments\js? And some other tpl file? It looks like it is updated to the latests version. Is it possible that some tpl file in \themes\customtemplate\modules\productcomments is causing the problem? There are only tpl files: productcomments.tpl productcomments_reviews.tpl productcomments_top.tpl productcomments-extra.tpl products-comparison.tpl tab.tpl Thank you
  3. Hi, may I ask you which files are responsible for this rating buttons in this pop up windows? I think it belongs to productcomments. I am looking for all types files tpl, php and js. It got messed on template which I bought and need to fix it. See attached photos Thank you Radek
  4. Hi, I am using Prestashop version and it happened that I can't login into BO (once a week). If this happened I go to FTP and the file AdminLoginController.php is always empty 0 kb size. So I replace it by original file - then works everything ok. I already tried to change password to FTP - (there were some weird files on FTP which I deleted - all of them) and I also changed access to BO and login folder on FTP. But these changes haven't helped. AdminLoginController.php was empty again today. It looks like someone can get to FTP files but only I have regular access. Do anybody have some suggestions? Thank you so much in advance!
  5. Hi, I just upgraded from Prestashop 1.5.x to In this new version Prestashop doesn't generate invoices if in BO under Settings / Invoices / Invoice options is disabled button with name "Enable invoices" with note: If enabled, your customers will receive an invoice for their purchase It was working in Prestashop 1.5.x. Customer didn't receive invoice, but it was available in BO. I want to generate invoices and send them in package. Is possible to block it somehow? Thanks
  6. Hello, I am trying to reach better loading time of my test website Can anybody help here, please? Here is some measurment: https://gtmetrix.com/reports/test2.hotcha.cz/pYar4tp8 (how to fix Defer parsing of JavaScript and Optimize the order of styles and scripts). Is it difficult to fix it? Should these two things improve loading time of website? I turned on PS_MODE_DEV and PS_DEBUG_PROFILING, so there is possible to view loading times of website parts and modules below website footer. Thank you, appreciate any suggestions.
  7. So I should write message for my customers to my FO please don't use IE but Chrome or Mozilla? :-) It's not about me. But I realized that this behaviour is based on how code is written. The IE has this bahaviour on some versions.
  8. Is there anyone with installed latest IE version on Win 8.1 (IE 11.0.9600.18321). Even official prestashop demo is reloading whole page if I change categories or click to different link on shop. http://fo.demo.prestashop.com/en/ Please check attached video. The problem is if I am on my site with much more products it quiet longer reloading then on attached video. This happend to me on IE 11.0.9600.18283. Is there something wrong with Explorer? Some Bug? Thanks
  9. I try to install clean installation of Prestashop (link bellow) and if I open it in Internet Explorer 11 and I am clicking between categories the shop is bliniking - it looks like whole layout is loading again. The problem is not happing on official Prestashop demo. And I see this problem only with Explorer. Chrome and Mozilla is ok. See more here: http://presta.hotcha.cz/en/ What is the trick? Installed version is This problem is happing on localhost xampp too. Thank you Radek
  10. Hi, I am just testing new upgrade of my old 1.5.x presta on version and if I click on some category in FO and then I will change to another category (or menu item) the whole shop will reload again in Internet Explorer 11. So there is few ms when web dissapear (like blink). This is not happing in Mozilla. Chrome works little bit different - there stays only top bar with language and currency all the rest of website is loading again (blinks). Do you know where should be the problem? Caching is on in BO. And button of smarty is this one: Recompile templates if the files have been updated. Thank you Radek
  11. Hi, I moved sucessfully presta from localhost to subdomain. BO and FO is working, login BO works ok. But after I login into backoffice the top left logo is still spinning and list of changed files is still spinning too (please check attached images). It is spinning so long that I will became logged off from BO. This is not happining on localhost. Another problem is that if I go with mouse on the left menu (for example if I move mouse cursor to orders - it doesn't show me submenu with orders, credit slips, invoices etc.), I need to click on it to reveal submenu. On localhost is hovering with mouse enough to see submenu. If I visit the modules part and I would like to add new module the possibility to upload my own file won't appear. Even if I go to existing module and click on arrow, which should reveal menu with configuration, uninstall, etc. won't appear too. Maybe it caused by spinning wheels, but I am not sure. Do you have some ideas? Presta on localhost is working really good, without problems. Thank you EDIT: There was mistake in subdomain settings.
  12. Hi there, I just tried to upgrade on xampp from old presta to new version I upgraded trough 1-click module, installation was successful, back office is working corectly. But front office looks like without css style. Front office is working If I switch off the smart cache for CSS. I want to upgrade to the new version asap. My question is should I upgrade to or to If the good step is version should I follow posts #22 or #28 of this thread? Or is the best to wait for which will fix it? But I don't want to wait weeks :-). Thanks Edit: that kind of trick (mentioned in post #28) with Media.php is working to me.
  13. Hi, is there any way how to export csv with sold products for some period with attributes? I found only in BO>statistics>Best products. But this will export only sold products name, price etc., it doesn't include attributes. I want to create some year overview, for example how much t-shirts S,M,XL were sold. I know that I can see this after opening each product in BO, but if there are many items, than it take too much time. I am using presta Thank you
  14. Hi, I am using prestashop and I am trying to create new year invoice numbering. Last year I finished with E20140546. Now I set in BO to E20150001, it was saved succesfuly (even I can see 20150001 in DB), but it is not working. Numbers is continuing at 20140547 etc. I already changed this in presta 1.4. many times in past and it works always. So what is wrong now? Please help. Thanks
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