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  1. I have reinstall the SSL again and the issue is same. Still after click Please click here to check if your shop supports HTTPS is just like refresh the page. With the check website information we can see the Godaddy's SSL certificate. The front-office with https is the same.I have use Edge and chrome. So what can I do now,please? Thanks very much.
  2. I just test change the SQL UPDATE ps_configuration SET value=1 WHERE name="PS_SSL_ENABLED"; UPDATE ps_configuration SET value=1 WHERE name="PS_SSL_ENABLED_EVERYWHERE"; now couldn't open the front-office with https and many pages works well with https for the back-office,only few pages couldn't open in the back-office like Shop Parameters-->General and others.
  3. After I installed Godaddy's SSL on the website(prestashop1.7.5.1) and couldn't use it. When I click the Enable SSL Please click here to check if your shop supports HTTPS. and nothing happened,just like refresh the page,the Enable SSL on all pages couldn't to choose. I have check the domain and ssl domain in the Traffic and SEO page not including http or https ,and have clear cache more than 10 times,also reopen and change to use another browser to click the Enable SSL option,same like refresh the page. I have use the website( https://www.sslshopper.com/ssl-checker.html ) to check the SSL status and have no errors,everything is ok. Open the front-office with https is ok but like the broken.I have attach a picture. Any clue? Your insight is highly appreciated!Thanks very much.
  4. when to install this theme,it is said"You are not allowed to enable this module",after delete theme.yml lines 50 and 63,it is ok to install this theme,but the banner on the right of the slider module is missing,it is blank.
  5. Same issue, no window popup on click, even with adblock disabled! Prestashop
  6. When the product with the combination,it is show the reference;but when the product with no combination,it is not show the reference.I want always show the combination even if the product has no combination,so what should I do,please? BTW,the combination is show under the label "Product Details" and how to show the reference under the price,please? Thanks very much.
  7. Thanks to #16 Andrej Stas again,I have solve the BEST SELLERS vertical by your solution.
  8. Thanks for your solution,it is works for the NEW PRODUCTS and OTHER PRODUCTS IN THE SAME CATEGORY , but the BEST SELLERS still vertical.I have use the ps1.7.0.3 to do the test .
  9. I mean I have use one same email account to login the BO and set the SMTP email way for the psEmails,so the shop email address and the smtp username is same.As it is a new site,so I have reinstall it again and the email alert is works.Thanks for your responsion.
  10. I have use one domainname email account for my ps BO ,this domain email have enable the pop and smtp/imap service. I have enter the email account and the smtp and ssl port as the Mail service company have give me,same as I have set in the Mail client software.I have test the Mail client software is works well.
  11. I have build a website use ps1.6.1.9 and it is couldn't send out the emails via " Use PHP's mail() function (recommended; works in most cases) ",so I choose another way "Set my own SMTP parameters (for advanced users ONLY)" after set the parameters and have an issue when send out a test email : Error: Please check your configuration Expected response code 250 but got code "501", with message "501 mail from address must be same as authorization user " I have test my domain email,it is works and the Mail client software is also works well. With the psBO E-mail setting I have leave a blank for the Mail domain name , So any one who know how to resolve it,please? Thanks.
  12. logs-->dev.txt shows the error: [2016-11-17 07:01:42] php.INFO: The Sensio\Bundle\DistributionBundle\Controller\ConfiguratorController class extends Symfony\Component\DependencyInjection\ContainerAware that is deprecated since version 2.8, to be removed in 3.0. Use the ContainerAwareTrait instead. {"type":16384,"file":"/www/wwwroot/xxxxxxxxxxx/vendor/symfony/symfony/src/Symfony/Component/Debug/DebugClassLoader.php","line":223,"level":28928,"stack":[{"function":"handleError","class":"Symfony\\Component\\Debug\\ErrorHandler","type":"->"}, and so on
  13. I have just add another super admin user use another email address,login again and it is still get the "Access denied."information page when access the Modules-->Modules & Services page and Catalog-->Products page . Tomorrow I will reinstall the ps1.7 website again. Hope never meet this issue again.
  14. Yesterday I am sure I can access the Modules-->Modules & Services page to control the modules in the ps1.7 backoffice,and now when I access the Modules-->Modules & Services page it is said "Access denied. " when I login as the super admin user(the only one user for the backoffice). So I have try to access the Catalog-->Products page it is also show "Access denied." ,but it is ok to access the Catalog-->Categories and Orders pages. So I don't know what cause this issue. Any one who knows? I have use the vps install the ps1.7. Thanks.
  15. couldn't update by autoupdate,you can update by manually. But first suggest you test whether your vps support ps1.7 well,I have saw some ones vps couldn't install the ps1.7 well.
  16. Good news! I have reinstall my vps and use another web control panel,and today to install the ps1.7 again,it is successful! I have use centos7 apache2.4 php7.0 mysql5.6 enable the opcache and set memory limit is 1528M and max time 300s and maxupload 50M It is works.
  17. install the ps1.7 on the localhost with no issue and couldn't install it on the vps. my vps is works well the ps1.6.1.9
  18. Have the same issue on the vps to install the ps1.7 For the localhost is no issue install the ps1.7 via xampp. Wait for a solving way
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