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  1. Hope someone can advise. We only accept shipments within South Africa at this time, so delivery address country dropdown should only contain South Africa in checkout. But, what about international customers who have billing addresses which are not in South Africa...the country dropdown field in the billing address only shows South Africa. So an international client wishing to send a gift to someone in South Africa will not be able to do so. It seems the billing and shipping address is linked to the ps_country table with activations managed in the Admin. Look forward to some sound advice.
  2. Hi, can anyone advise on the following problem? a shop visitor requests a password and the email arrives with a link, user clicks on it, receives email with new password. And now the user cannot login with password as sent by prestashop installation? This has happened a few times already and I have not been able to recreate the problem on my side with test accounts. I have tried Chrome, IE and FF all the latest versions. Trawled the forums and have not found any satisfactory answers or fixes to this perplexing problem. Please advise gurus!
  3. does anyone know how to achieve this within PS ?
  4. hi can you help me have the manufacturer description displayed on the pages?
  5. can anyone explain how a new theme effects prestashop? I installed the prestahop_alt theme and am trying to make small changes to the website for now. For some reason any changes I make to the footer.tpl file are not reflected on the website at all. /themes/prestashop_alt/modules/footer.tpl Running PrestaShop™ Reason for footer edit is to remove this: Powered by PrestaShop™ www.prestashop.com
  6. increasing php memory limit to 30Mb owrked for me...thanks for the help here!
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