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  1. I'm working on this website www.bizbuyz.net and I need help. My hosting company worked with me getting the time to first byte down from 28 seconds to 8, vast improvement but it's still to slow. I've hired a few so called "experts" off O'Desk who couldn't seem to figure out why the TTFB is taking so long. If anyone had this problem, in the past and knows how to fix it please advise. All the usual performance setting are in place, Gzip, Memcached, Apache Keep Alive, Force Compile - No, CCC, and the Connections tables have been flushed. There are 4 other sites running on this server 2 WordPress, 2 Prestashop and they don't have this problem, so I don't think it's a server issue. Here is a link to the latest test results http://www.webpagetest.org/result/111127_MF_2AFWV/1/details/ Need Help !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks Keith
  2. Never Mind, I found the issue. The layered Navigation Block was installed.
  3. I loaded Presta 1.4.4 and I’m testing the software before going forward, I’ve added products to several category but when I click on a category the products will flash then disappear and center category block states there are four products but non are displayed. I’m I missing something here? Keith
  4. [MODULE] Fast Lane Checkout

    Yes you were right the problem was the Quick Search Block. For some reason it's was affecting the JS on the entire site. I found other post of people having issues with this module and they suggested uninstalling and then reinstalling. I did that and the problem went away. Thanks ZS for the great support
  5. [MODULE] Fast Lane Checkout

    ZooShop, I'm having the problem again with the States not populating when USA is selected as the default country. I thought we fixed this but apparently not and I don't think it's a permission problem. Permissions is set in the JS folder to 755 but still can't get the States to display. I've got to get this fixed ASAP Please Help Keith
  6. [MODULE] Fast Lane Checkout

    I purchased this module on Friday, had a problem with file permissions ( it was my fault ), anyway I emailed Zooshop on a Sunday they responded right away. I still couldn't figure out what the problem was ( again my fault ). Contacted Zooshop again this morning. Support diagnosed the problem within minutes. Great Support !! Great Module!! Thanks Zooshop Keith
  7. Today I went to make changes to a few products and the module no longer exports. The product field show up in the header but no products. Couldn't figure out what was going on so I uninstalled the module, deleted the module, deleted the tables in the database and reinstalled the module again. Same problem the CSV file only has the fields in the header but no products. What am I doing wrong? Keith
  8. Imwood, I ran the SQL Query and that fixed the problem. This is a great module Thanks
  9. I need help anyone. I installed the module to test and then deleted. I reinstalled and now the available fields are blank. I was reading the previous post and it suggested removing ps_export_fields and ps_export_set. No such tables in PHP my Admin. Can anyone help me get this reinstalled?? Thanks
  10. Thank you for this great Module lmwood. I have just one questions is it possible to add the product URL to the export feed? Thanks
  11. This is one of the best free modules offered to the PrestaShop community. I'm not a programer by any means, I followed the instructions and completed the installation without any issues. I did make one small modification in the block cart. My cart buttons link to express-order.php?step1 and I changed it to order.php. I thought my customer might get confused if they only wanted to view the cart and not checkout. IonCanno, I bow to you with a big THANK YOU
  12. Are there instructions on how to use this module? Can you link one CMS page to another? Thanks Keith