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  1. L-am folosit mai bine de 1 an si jumatate (inca e functional) si nu a fost absolut nici o problema, totul merge perfect.
  2. I simply love prestashop as really, this is the foundation of my online shop. Further this, I want to extend the functionality of the online shop and when the visitor clicks on add to the cart to be redirected to another URL. Of course, it's affiliate marketing and another webshop that the one I worked until now. Do you know a solution for this? For the first time I thought to comment out the add to cart button and in every product to add an image with add to cart image and link for the real seller..but this is not an elegant sollution.
  3. pune fisierul in directorul in care ai instalat si prestashop (de cele mai multe ori public_html)
  4. Buna, Lucreaza cineva pe vreun sistem de afiliere gen 2parale? Intentionez sa fac o colaborare cu ei, insa am nevoie de un thank you page, momentan cel putin la modulul de plata ramburs (COD) nu exista pagina de "thank you" in care sa integrez codul de afiliat. Aveti voi vreo solutie, o idee? V-as ramane recunoscator. Multumesc.
  5. Hello, I currently use cashondelivery 0.3 and when the order it's finalized, it directs the client to the history.php page. I need a thank you page to sumarize the order ...and to put there an affiliate code. On the credit card payment module and on bank transfer it's available this page...i need to adapt it to insert that page in the COD module. Do you know versions of COD module that have in standard construction this thank you page...or any modification to insert this code? I need to adapt this code in that page <iframe height='1' width='1' scrolling='no' marginheight='0' marginwidth='0' frameborder='0' src='http://xxxx.salecheck?amount=__ADD_SALE_VALUE__&campaign_unique=xxxxxxx&confirm=xxxxxx&description=__ADD_DESCRIPTION__&transaction_id=__ADD_TRANSACTION_ID__'></iframe> Your help would be appreciated. Thank you.
  6. si eu am nevoie pt. un modul de afilere cred ca pentru asta ai nevoie si tu @teo_g Cum ai rezolvat? In caz ca gasesc, te anunt si eu.
  7. I use Mail alerts v2.2. where should I change the alert to receive notifications about out of stock products? I would like to receive the alert when I have 3 products in stock, not when there's nothing in stock. Your help would be very appreciated.
  8. nobody? It's important for me, for analyzing more detailed the statistics.
  9. I need to export the statistics to an excel file, in any way, even copy-paste: STATISTICS - - Best customers - Best products - Best categories & etc. Is there any way to export them?
  10. For now should do the trick even the text box tab. Any idea on how I can put it right before the add to card button? PS: I think this topic should be good to be moved in the Integration section.
  11. Is there a module or something that allows the customer to add a specified text to the product before he ads it in the cart? I mean, I have thousands of combinations and it would be lot more simple that the client specifies exactly what he wants instead of choosing from a long list of drop down combinations.
  12. Hello, I want to modify the background of the blocks and add them a separate colour. The problem is that the CSS is somehow wrong and I can't figure out how to change it to a final result to look like this: http://www.pronat.ro/magazin/themes/presta_pro_nature/img/layout_dreapta.jpg I want to add a background that's only in the back of the page, a background (white) to the blocks with rounded green border. The site how it looks now is www.pronat.ro Thanks for your help.
  13. I have version 1.25: This code you changed? if ($no_utf8) return str_replace('€', chr(128), $ret); return $ret; } static public function displayPriceSmarty($params, &$smarty) { $currency = new Currency(intval($params['currency'])); if (Validate::isLoadedObject($currency)) return self::displayPrice($params['price'], $currency, false, false); return 0; }
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