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  1. Hi Hope someone can point me in the right direction...... Iam using VTEM Slideshow to display my company logo on the home page HOW can I get the module to display on all the pages not just the home page? www.furnicape.co.za
  2. Hi Iam having a bit of an issue, How do I "disable" the top search button in the header, i have tried to unhook it and also had a look at the coding but iam still missing the fix Iam using the Photo V1 theme if thats helpful. Have a look at the attachment please.
  3. PrestaShop™ Hi Hope someone can give me some light on this! I have an ssl certificate installed but having issues to Enable this feature! 1. If i go to BO - Preferences and click on "Enable SSL : Please click here to use HTTPS protocol before enabling SSL" it gives me this error : Link to database cannot be established. 2. I have copied all the files in my public_html folder to the public_ssl folder via Filezilla but when i enter https://www.mysite.co.za it still states : Temporary holding page for secure site at https://www.mysite.co.za. What am I MISSING?
  4. Hi Thanks for the reply..... i have only tried it on firefox, i did manage to download the latest prestashop from a different source but at least the problem is out there now if the Presta Team wants to look into it, Have a Great One
  5. Hi Not sure if its just me but once I press on the download button it slides to the next page but then it displays a bunch of weird stuff iam using the latest Firefox !!
  6. Thank you very much.... I think that solved the problem
  7. Hi Andrej Iam using your theme but having headaches with the display in Internet Explorer..... When I open the site in IE 9 it looks 100% but with the older versions like IE 8, IE 7 and IE 6 its a total mess.... I have tried to fix it and also tried to find a solution on google but eish.... no luck, Any ideas from your side please... http://www.eliseglossartist.co.za
  8. Hi, Iam using the Clean-and-Simple theme on this website, if I test it in IE 9.0.8112.16421 it looks 100%, but I get complaints that the website does not display correct in any older versions of IE.... Could you test this website for me in IE and post your findings for me please so i can try to figure out whats the problem..... http://www.eliseglossartist.co.za Thank You
  9. Hi Marty Thank you for the effort, appreciate it!! Looks like I will have to improvise as last resort! Have a great week-end! Cheers
  10. Sure, just let me know when your done so that i can close it again..... Let me know if there's anything else!!! Thank you! www.furnicape.co.za
  11. Hi, Iam using with the Photo Store Template Everything looks 100% but when i click on my "about us" in th FO it shows the about us page but BLANK even though i have entered the text in the BO/tools/cms/about us.... Even if i add another page it still gives me a blank page in the FO I have tried to "reset" the cms module but still the same issue, I replaced all the relevant cms pages from the original installation files aswell as from the original template but still with no success. Anyone any Ideas?
  12. Hi I changed the footer links and used the original images for them but then they get this white space block around them... tried to figure it out but with no luck! Any ideas??
  13. I never changed it in the BO , thank you for the help!!!
  14. Hi I found the default products per page, 10, 20 or 50 but cant seem to change them to : 9, 18 or 36 If iam not mistaken one should change the numbers here : public function pagination($nbProducts = 10) { if (!self::$initialized) $this->init(); $nArray = (int)(Configuration::get('PS_PRODUCTS_PER_PAGE')) != 10 ? array((int)(Configuration::get('PS_PRODUCTS_PER_PAGE')), 10, 20, 50) : array(10, 20, 50); // Clean duplicate values $nArray = array_unique($nArray); asort($nArray); $this->n = abs((int)(Tools::getValue('n', ((isset(self::$cookie->nb_item_per_page) AND self::$cookie->nb_item_per_page >= 10) ? self::$cookie->nb_item_per_page : (int)(Configuration::get('PS_PRODUCTS_PER_PAGE')))))); $this->p = abs((int)(Tools::getValue('p', 1))); Once changed the default landing page is still on 10, with options to choose from being 9, 10 or 18. I want the default landing page to be 9, what am i missing ??
  15. Thank you, Works like charm on Whoop whoop
  16. Hi How and where can i change the way the Photo Store theme displays a product title as its now cutting the title off and replacing the other half with dots .....?? I moved the rest of the things below the title a bit down to make some space for the title as i want the title to run the full lenght of the bottom image!! Ill add a image for better understanding my problem...
  17. Haha, never mind... I was looking in the wrong sites folder
  18. Hi Great theme, really like the look! Just have have a minor issue with the footer......where/how can I center the footer and edit the text?
  19. Never mind ...... I had to deactivate the catelog mode!!
  20. Hi Looks like iam missing a setting or something.... the Price is not displaying at all but instead showing N/A.... Where can i change this so the price shows? Regards Juan
  21. Hi Shacker Hope your doing well! Will i be able to add another menu item.....? I want to add the word "Facebook" after languages that will hyperlink to my facebook page? What do you recommend? Regards
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