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  1. Hi, no, I moved to WordPress/WooCommerce as it has a decent community support and loads of plugins. PrestaShop looks great but it's just not ready yet to use.
  2. Hi, I'm not sure if this is the answer but have you tried: Going into Modules > Positions > Search for "namedisplayFooter" and disable the Social networking block?
  3. I've worked out a painfully slow way of doing it in lieu of being able to do it programmatically. If I add each topping three times (once for each pizza size) and then only add the relevant toppings as an accessory to the correct sized pizza. Going to be a mare as there are 21 toppings so that will make 63 products in total... Still hoping someone can advice that Prestashop can be hacked to do this or it's available out the box....
  4. Can you check these figures against your server stats or add Google webmaster tools or Analytics to your site. That should give you a fuller picture of your traffic.
  5. Hi, I'm wondering if there is an easy (or even hard) way to change the price of a products' accessory based on a combination selection on the main product? For example. I'm trying to create a shop for a pizza shop and their pizza's come in 10", 12" and 16" sizes. I've got combinations set up for the pizzas so the price increases depending on the size of the pizza, simples. But I want to be able to offer extra toppings which I've created as an accessory and their price also needs to change depending on the size of the pizza. I know I can add combinations on the accessories but what I don't want is customers choosing a 16" pizza then adding toppings for a 10" pizza as it would cause havoc. If they could just click "add to cart" and the price would automatically be calculated that would be great. And to confuse matters even more, there are 2 types of toppings (mean & veg) with different prices. thanks as always to your help and expertise, Heds
  6. Seem to have solved this myself. If I set the products visibility to "Search only" it doesn't appear in the new products on the homepage but still shows as an accessory on the individual product page.
  7. El Patron very kindly worked with me last night (it was the morning for him I think) and resolved this. It was the theme I was using which hasn't been qualified for 1.6, As soon as I put it into the default theme the stock messages didn't show. I should have thought of this earlier as it's the first thing we do when testing the DITA XML system I work on in my main job but my excuse is I'm choked with the flu and my brain is working properly. Anyway, big thanks to El Patron who gave up his time and expertise to help a complete stranger. Much appreciated. Thanks, Heds
  8. Is this Store Contacts under: Preferences > Store Contacts as I've tried deleting them all but still see out of stock messages.
  9. Hi, I'm using and am creating a Pizza takeaway site. I have created a category called toppings which I'd like to hide from everywhere apart from the product page where they should be displayed as an Accessory to be added to the pizzas. Is this possible out the box? I've tried many searches of here and the forum and played with the category Display option but even when it is set to No the products still show on the homepage under new products. Thanks
  10. Hi, I'm using PS1.6.0.5 and have disabled stock management but my products are still showing as Out of stock. This should be an easy fix but I've spent hours on it and can't sort it and I'm feeling pretty stoopit! I've gone into Preferences > Products > Products Stock and have the following: Allow ordering of out-of-stock products - YES (When I set this to no and save it reverts back to yes) Enable stock management - No Enable advanced stock management - No New products use advanced stock management - No These settings would make me think that I have disabled stock management and if I go into Catalog > Products > Product > Quantities > AVAILABLE QUANTITIES FOR SALE It says: The stock management is disabled. And this is what is baffling me. I've Googled for an answer and searched these forums but haven't come up with an answer. Please help restore my sanity! Thanks,
  11. Hi, I have a customer who runs a pizza delivery business in the UK. He only delivers to certain towns in the local area and wants to have a similar check as Domino's pizza. http://www.dominos.co.uk/ If the user is outwith the delivery area then they are advised of such. If they are then it will allow them to proceed to the shop and order. We can do this two ways: 1) Town 2) Postcode 1) He only delivers to a few towns so it wouldn't take long to create a list of town's he delivers to. 2) Postcodes. We are a rural area so a postcode like EH44 6** is not specific enough as it covers an area of around around 16 miles diameter. We would have to limit it to full Postcodes ie EH44 6NH. Again, these can be entered on an individual basis if required as there aren't that many (eg 417 for EH45) His other requirement is that he needs to be able to "turn off" certain Postcode areas ie EH45 when his driver isn't around and he can only manage local deliveries. Thanks, Hedley
  12. Hi, did you ever get this resolved? I have a customer who wants to ship to a select few towns (not states or postcodes) and I'm having a mare of a job.
  13. Hi Tomer Thanks for your reply. I'm sure I'm being an idiot but I just can't get this to work. I'm working in the back office demo area. I can't see anything that matches the screenshot shown on your module page. 1) I've created a Carrier called "Local Delivery" and assigned it to the Zone: UK (and then changed it to Europe as per your reply above) 2) When I go to the back Shipping > Carriers I don't see a table that matches the screenshot and can't see how to add the rates. Thanks.
  14. Hi, Can you run through how I would set up say 3 shipping prices based on UK postcodes? To start with I need: EH43 EH44 EH45 To all have different delivery costs. I've had a play with the backend demo but just can't work out how to do this Thanks.
  15. Well it seems that Prestashop is still not a fully fledged package and while I know these forums are community led so I shouldn't expect an answer, the fact that I haven't had an answer after 3 days makes me wary of using it for my clients so I will move on and use a professional package instead. Might pop my head round the door in a few years time to check it out. Thanks.
  16. Hi, I've a customer running a local Pizza delivery who is looking to move online. I was hoping to use Prestashop but I am having real trouble seeing how I can organise delivery charges based on either the customers Postcode or their distance to the shop. He isn't requiring anything too complicated and we could probably get away with having 3 charges based on EH43*, EH44* & EH45* or 3 towns with a different delivery charge for each one. Is this possible out of the box or is there a fairly low cost module which will provide this for me? I've seen some running into the £100+ which is a little too much. Thanks, Hedley
  17. I'm new to Prestashop myself so am probably barking up the wrong tree but it sounds like some Jquery script at work here. Might be worth commenting out the most likely sounding ones to see if this helps.
  18. Thanks Mike, I tried to edit my post to say that despite that error, it had actually liked the post but I can't save changes or use the full editor in Firefox (see post: http://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/123579-solved-how-can-i-mark-a-topic-as-solved/page__fromsearch__1) so thanks for your offer of manually +1 on the users rep. I am assuming that these are all related update issues and will sit on my hands until you guys give us the green light.
  19. I also can't save changes in FF despite a restart of the app.
  20. Hi, I can't use the Full editor in Firefox 6.0.1 When I click on the button nothing happens. If I try the same in IE it works. Haven't tried Chrome/Safari yet.
  21. I have tried searching to see if this has been mentioned before but the search feature isn't particularly great so here goes. I get the following error when trying to Like a reply: Action failed: {"status":"ok","rating":1,"likeData":{"names":[{"name":"You","seo":"digital_essence","id":"206202"}],"count":0,"formatted":"You like this","iLike":true,"totalCount":1,"othersCount":0},"canRepUp":false,"canRepDown":true}
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