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  1. Je pose la question au cas où quelqu'un aurait récemment fait une recherche et m'éviterait ainsi de réinventer la roue. Merci pour les liens, je vais regarder.
  2. Bonjour J'ai besoin de monter un petit site de commerce en ligne et ai donc besoin de proposer des gérer des paiements. Je n'y connais rien et je crois comprendre que les options suivantes existent: chèque : fournir adresse postale virement : fournir coordonnées bancaires. Les virements ponctuels sont normalement gratuits si effectués par Internet paiement par carte : je connais PayPal et les propositions des grandes banques françaises. Autres possibilités? Avantage/inconvénients? Combien ça coûte, difficulté de mise en place, problèmes type blocage de compte sur fraude infondée, etc.? Merci.
  3. Finally figured it out: Last week, I tried to recompile MySQL to install a newer version, and it seems to have left the host in an unstable state since MySQL would no longer work. Recompiling the whole LAMP stack solved the issue, and PrestaShop is working again. Thanks guys for the help.
  4. Unless I'm mistaken, all this file does is call phpinfo() and phpinfo(INFO_MODULES)... which are succesfully shown. Any idea about what I could try to figure it out?
  5. Sorry, it's not available: "Sorry, the file that you have requested to download can not be found at this time, please try again later. This download error has been logged and reported to the administrator." Is there another way to understand why PrestaShop is showing a blank page?
  6. Sorry, the test host is not available for connections from the Net. I opened index.php to check what it did, and I see that it's a few lines on include's. Why would index.php not return anything? Is there a log file somewhere that I could check to see if it reports errors?
  7. Hello PrestaShop was installed successfully on a test host a couple of weeks ago, but now, I get a blank page when I call the main page. MySQL is up and running, the tables are still there, Apache + PHP is OK too... but nothing, and nothing said in /var/log/messages or /var/log/httpd-errors. How can I investigate why PrestaShop is no longer working? Thank you.
  8. Thanks for the tip. I ended up CHMODing 777 and was able to successfully install PrestShop.
  9. Hello The install is stuck at Step 2 because sitemap.xml apparently has the wrong permissions: sitemap.xml -rw-r--r-- 1 root www 0 1 déc 16:38 sitemap.xml The wiki doesn't mention this file. Should I chmod it 777? BTW, why does PrestaShop require chmod 777? Isn't it a potential safety issue? Why not set file ownership to the UID used by Apache? Thank you.
  10. Pardon : je veux dire = ftpperso.free.fr -> toto.free.fr. Quand j'essaie de modifier les droits en 777, ça génère l'erreur: > SITE CHMOD 777 config < 500 ‘SITE’: command unrecognized.
  11. Merci mais je préfère installer PS sur une machine perso. Peut-être que Free n'autorise pas à modifier les droits d'accès?
  12. Bonjour Je suis en train d'essayer d'installer Prestashop 1.1 sur les serveurs gratuits de Free (ftpperso.free.fr) mais je bute sur le CHMOD 777 qu'il faut appliquer. Voici ce que dit LeechFTP quand je coche toutes les options de droits: < 150 Opening ASCII mode data connection for file list < 226 Transfer complete. > SITE CHMOD 777 config < 500 'SITE': command unrecognized. Quelqu'un sait s'il est possible d'installer Prestashop sur Free? Merci.
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