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  1. I have had a Prestashop install running for several years and understand how the shipping works. I have come up against a real show stopper though. I wanted to use 'Zones' to setup different shipping prices for different parts of my country as 'States' are not supported by the shipping tables. To simplify things I deleted all existing 'Zones' and 'Countries' and re-populated them with what I wanted. Ever since I did that I can not get my shipping working again, I have (numerous times): - Deleted all and made a new 'Zone' - Made a new 'Country' that belonged to the 'Zone' - Made new 'Carriers' that ship to the'Zone' - Made new 'Weight ranges' - Filled out the price tables that link carriers and 'Weight ranges' - Ensured that my 'Warehouse' can ship with the new 'Carriers' However so far when ever my test client tries to check out they get "No carriers available for the address "My address".". Is it possible by deleting 'Zones' and 'Countries' initially I removed a default somehow? Somewhere I have a logic gate that is tripping the wrong way but have no way to tell where. I would really appreciate any help, including how to debug this at a code level if necessary. Edit: I'm running :-)
  2. Hi Whispar1 - do you have anymore details on what they changed in ModSecurity? I have the same problem on my server ...
  3. I have the same problem - am on and when I try and save a change to a product I get sent to the default "page not available" page (I think the 404 page). Any ideas anyone? Help (gulp) !
  4. This looks related... http://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/190687-carrier-in-invoice/
  5. Does anybody know how to get variables for total weight and carrier in /pdf/invoice.tpl ? Many thanks, Gwilym
  6. Hi - what version are you using of Presta? I have a similar problem in that on 1.5.1 this worked... if ($productdump = Db::getInstance()->query($sql)) {//debugforeach ($productdump as $row) { echo $row['id_product'] . ' :: ' . $row['name'];} But not on 1.5.2 !!!
  7. Hi - I have Google sitemap 1.9 on and when I try and generate a sitemap it goes to a white-screen-of-death. It does create a sitemap.xml in root but it is empty .. Any ideas? Many thanks...
  8. Ok... I have a install and I thought I'd try and upgrade to 1.5.1. - I Went to the Autoupgrade option in the drop down but got an error 'The controller adminselfupgrade is missing or invalid.' - Went into modules to see if the module was there and it was not. - Installed the latest 0.8.6 upgrade module all went well - I no longer have the upgrade option in my dropdown menu - I go to the module in admin and hit configure and I still get this error 'The controller adminselfupgrade is missing or invalid.' Any ideas?
  9. Seems like a problem across quite a few users ... me included ... http://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/189616-add-to-cart-not-working-in-15/
  10. I have this as well, a critical bug I'd say ... my cart is in the RHS column and when adding to cart Ajax fails and it goes to the checkout without adding the item ... Update: For me this bug is strangely erratic, is currently only happening on one computer on latest Firefox version where as other computers are ok. Have cleared cache, turned off cache in Prestashop, enabled multishop etc etc to no avail.
  11. Me to - it is listed here as a native module: http://doc.prestasho...ve+Modules+Work But does not seem to come included anymore ( - I wonder if that is because of Prestashop's, obviously profitable, tie in with Jirafe? If so. This is crazy. The version from 1.4.8 is here if you need it
  12. Hey Mark, Just downloaded and installed - looking good. I'd like to help, if you have any specific things I could do let me know and I'll have a go.
  13. The latest module works for me. I had to... - Uninstall old module (not just delete the files with FTP but uninstall through backoffice) - Delete files - Upload new module - Install through backoffice - Put in Paypal settings I'm on the current 1.5 version...
  14. Does anybody have an invoice PDF template of the old 1.4 design that would work with 1.5 (saving me having to make one :-) ? Updated - Also, does anybody know how to use getCarrier() to get the Carrier name in the pdf template?
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