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  1. i have managed to regenerate the thumbnails for the products, thanks to jhnstcks. i still have a few unsolved issues with category thumbnails, because they are being replaced by a question mark image, but i have backup and i think i'll upload them again (there are only a few of them). the major problem i am facing right now it's the modules position. i edited their position and tried to make some pages (like the checkout page) look lighter than other. having to reposition them by hand sounds like a big pain. can you help me to import the old modules position settings? are they stored in mysql or in plaintext on the web server?
  2. i talked to them, the raised the limit to 60 seconds, but after almost 4 minutes of waiting i have received the same 500 error. i google a little bit about this timeout php setting and i found this: http://php.net/manual/en/function.set-time-limit.php i tried php_value max_execution_time 200 in .htaccess, but it gave me 500 error all over the place.
  3. i'm talking wth my hosting provider right now and he provided me a few logs. should i post them here?
  4. aparently, the new htaccess trick did a pretty good job. now i'm trying to generate new thumbnails, but i receive the same 500 error. any idea what can i do about that?
  5. i am trying to upgrade from to (latest) and i am facing strange problems: right after i have upgraded, no product pictures we're displayed, even if i copied the img/p folder. A few hours ago, it started to show some pictures in the product page (but not all of them, replacing most of them with a picture with a question mark). almost 12 hours after i have upgraded prestashop, most of product pages are shown, except some categories images and those in the "viewed products" module i have in my right sidebar. sincerly, i have no idea what's the problem! i tried to regenerate thumbnails from backoffice, but failed with a 500 server error. editing every product and category with problems is not an option, because in backoffice every picture is loaded and aparently, works fine. i would also appreciate any help with home text editor, because after the upgrade i have lost my homepage text.
  6. am nevoie de ceva similar. am găsit mai de mult, dar n-am avut inspiraţia să salvez în bookmark şi-acum nu mai găsesc site-ul în cauză. aş vrea să le dau posibilitatea clienţilor mei de a nu completa codul poştal, fiindcă mi s-au plâns câţiva că nu-l ştiu şi că un curier se descurcă şi fără codul respectiv. totodată, aş vrea să fac din numărul de telefon o condiţie pentru a te înregistra şi finaliza o comandă, pentru a elimina timpii morţi în care eu încerc să dau de client prin email, să aflu un telefon, ca să-l pot da mai departe curierului. deci, vreo sugestie? sau e nevoie să deschid alt topic?
  7. I use Google Analytics to track my users and my conversions on my website, but i recently noticed that my ecommerce report is not working as i expected. if someone buys something and he uses bankwire payment, Google analytics registers all his transaction details (items purchased, prices, etc.). if he uses cash on delivery, google analytics shows nothing. I checked if Prestashop's 1.1 Google Analytics Module sends the required informations about the transaction while using cash on delivery and surprise: the code server by that plugin is the same code used on any other pages. I don't know if the Google Analytics Module is the one that causes me trouble or if the responsable is the cash on delivery module, that sends the buyer to history.php instead of order-return.php or something similar. Please, give me a solution to solve this matter, because i'm not feeling very confortable to spend extra $$$ on Google Adwords and other ads without measuring the ROI and other parameters.
  8. the latest version of prestashop solves this problem?
  9. I have 5.2.6. I searched the changelog of this version but cannot find any bugs related to this function. can you give us further details about the problem?
  10. I have opened a bug here: http://www.prestashop.com/bug_tracker/view/1948/
  11. the problem continues to annoy me. i tried everything !!! any other suggestions?
  12. hmm... it's the backoffice, via http, not the ftp server via the ftp client.
  13. so I have to allow prestashop to send more cookies than other sites. it's a starting point in my debugging process thanks. I'm going to see if I can solve anything.
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