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  1. Hi rocky, Thank you for your input. It's been sorted out and all working now I've inserted a piece of code below in authenticate.php, $customer->id_default_group = (empty($_POST['group']) ? 1 : intval($_POST['group'])); and commented out the aforementioned line in Customer.php Cheers!
  2. Hi Rocky, Thanks for the reply. I'm still new to PrestaShop and not 100% sure what 'm doing. Can you tell me where should the code you mentioned go in? Will it be in the file "authentication.php"? Also I noticed that in the file "classes/Customer.php", with in the function "add", there is a line that states: $this->id_default_group = 1; Will the code you mentioned override this?
  3. Hello there, I've modified the customer registration and added a pulldown menu on the registration page so that a customer can choose the group they belongs to. While this works fine, I would like to set the "Default Group" to the one a customer selects. I've looked through files related to the registration process but could not work out how to achieve this. Could anyone tell me where to change and how? Thanks in advance, Rio
  4. Ogone changed SHA-1 signature policy few month back but the Ogone module hasn't been updated to support it. I notified the people who made the module but did not get any positive reply. In the end I contacted Ogone's support team and they've reverted the SHA system to the old one. It is working well now for me. I recommend you to contact Ogone's support team by phone with your issue. They were very helpful and solved my problem then and there. Hope this helps.
  5. Hi there, I've had the same issue as well. As a work around I split the UK into six zones like below and set up the delivery charge separately. United Kingdom (Mainland) United Kingdom (Scottish Highland) United Kingdom (Scottish Island) United Kingdom (Northern Ireland) United Kingdom (Isle of Scilly, Isle of Wight) United Kingdom (Isle of Man) I'm not sure if this is the best solution but it seems to work fine so far. This site isn't live yet so it's not tested in the real world yet. Has anybody out there tried something like this? Rio
  6. Hello there, I am having a hard time setting up SHA-1 signature for Ogone payment module. Let's say I selected to use a signature string like "MySignatureString1234". I enter this string in "SHA-IN Pass phrase" field in the "Data and origin verification" section of Ogone test account. I then enter the same value in the "SHA-1 signature" field in the Ogone module page on the Prestashop back office. When I try to proceed to Ogone payment page after the above set up I get "unknown order/1/s/ " error message. Can anyone point out where I am going wrong? Thanks in advance, Rio
  7. Is it possible to let customers to select a customer group when they register with the site? What I'm thinking is to add a pulldown to the registration page. This will have all the customer groups that I have made in the back office. Then customers can select an appropriate group he or she belongs when they register with the shop along with other details. Is this possible at all? I'm fairly comfortable with PHP so I'll have a go if I need to change the code. Thanks in advance, Rio
  8. Is it possible to set a payment method so that it is only visible to a certain customer group?
  9. Hello there, Is it possible to create a voucher which can only be used by a certain group? In the voucher admin page you can set it to be used only by a designated customer but it will be very useful it a voucher (or promotion code) can only be used by a designated customer group. I've been looking around the documentation but so far I haven't found anything about this. One thing I'm wondering is that there is a field called "Filter" under "To be used by:" customer pulldown. Can anyone tell me how this field works? Rio
  10. Hi purplywurply, I've updated the TinyMCE module - the new version comes with all the image functions. You can find more in this page below. http://www.prestashop.com/forums/viewthread/11087
  11. Hello there, I'm wondering if there is any way to add something like "Insert Image" button to the text editor. My client want to use images within the product description but currently it is not possible. This is very strange as you can add other media such as Flash etc. Does anyone know the answer to this? Rio
  12. Hello there, I'm wondering if it's possible to use PrestaShop to sell things products that have multiple prices options. For example, I have a city tour ticket that has a pricing like below; "London Weekend Tour 2 nights" [basic Prices] Adult: £350.00 [Number of Pax] Child: £225.00 [Number of Pax] [Options] Extra day: £50.00 Four star upgrade: £150.00 Will it be possible to put all these pricing options on one page? Thanks in advance, Rio
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