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  1. It seems like a bug in the cache. After I activated the cache, the order reference back to normal using random character again. My prestashop running under version
  2. Hi, I have a project requirement, Could somebody suggest me? Which module should I use? It doesn't matter if I should using paid modules. Change exchange rate value each category product. In the default prestashop, we can change the exchange rate in localization > currencies, but I want the exchange rate different for each category product. How to achieve that? Make an order via backoffice but when search product, not by name again, it should be by reference code For several customer groups their cart should has minimum of amount in their cart. Example : Member A should buy minimum 5000 USD in their cart, Member group B should buy minimum 7.500 USD in their cart. When the order finish, the member got member point Thank you for your suggestion
  3. Hi, I have weird problem in my backoffice. When I changed the product price and click save and stay, It show nothing changed. Could somebody help me solve my problem? That's not always happen. But it really bother me. My prestahop version is I have around 6000 products My server in hawkhost - semi dedicated hosting. (They said, that problem occurs not from their side). Thank you
  4. For prestashop When I check into the code, it need additional code : This is works for me If you want save without send email $objOrder = new Order(1); //order with id=1 $history = new OrderHistory(); $history->id_order = (int)$objOrder->id; $history->changeIdOrderState(3, (int)($objOrder->id)); //order status=3 $history->add(true); If you want save with send email $objOrder = new Order(1); //order with id=1 $history = new OrderHistory(); $history->id_order = (int)$objOrder->id; $history->changeIdOrderState(3, (int)($objOrder->id)); //order status=3 $history->addWithemail(true);
  5. Hi, Could you answer my question? I have been contacting you via email, your email company also at here. But still no answer. Please answer my question thank you.
  6. I have bought this module. I like it. Works like charm. Anyway I have question about round price (I have sent it via pm also). Can I set it not per 1 digit but per 100 or 1000 maybe? Because the smallest value in my currency is 100 not 1. Thank you
  7. Hi, Check your pm please. I am asking about payment method in your store website.
  8. Yeah it similar with me. How to fix that? it remains error only in Firefox
  9. setuju dengan indobusana cara paling mudah untuk preorder dengna metode seperti itu lainnya harus membeli modul. Belum ada modul gratis yang support.
  10. How handle the return manually? Could you explain it RasmusKnabe?
  11. hi vekia. my friend told me the position number will be re arrange from 0,1,2,etc..but at my website it's not rearrange, when i delete the temporary product the clean position method not update the position number from 0..
  12. i found the problem it about the cleanposition method in the admin. It should rearrange the position but it does not working in my website. Could you tell me what's the matter?
  13. how to solve this problem i have change the php file classes/Product.php. But it does not effect in my database My question, if i delete the temporary products, all product position will be reset into 0,1,2,3,xxx or it just re ordering ??? Because when i check in my database, its not reset the positions.
  14. Really? What's your version?
  15. I feel this module is too dangerous haha lol
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