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  1. im new here but i will try and help ya. Go into "Manage MYSQL" or MYSQL and just delete the database. Then create a new one ( be sure to rename it the same thing "prestashop") and try to reinstall again. What i mean by reinstall is just activate the index.php file again. you dont have to upload the entire file again. it is reading the database from the previous prestashop install you completed. Hope this helps. Cheers
  2. Im having the same problem, I tried your solution Tomerg3 but it isn't working. Thnx
  3. hey guys, i finally got it to install correctly after like 5 attempts.. but im having problems when i set the General Menu option PS to /prestashop/ at the top of the page. any idea why this is happening? my subdirectory is pointing to /prestashop/ at ipage. this is the actual question: PS directory - Name of the PrestaShop directory on your Web server, bracketed by forward slashes (e.g., /shop/) so i put /prestashop/ which is my subdomain at ipage then i can't get back to admin console login, i get errors.
  4. Is this what and how i should be entering this into my SQL ??? Then just hit "GO" ?? Anyone ?? UPDATE `ps_employee` SET `passwd` = MD5( 'passwordhere' ) WHERE `ps_employee`.`id_employee` =1;
  5. Awsome, did some searching, tried to figure it out myself. and now i got A " 500 Internal Server Error" WooHoo!!!!
  6. i was having major problems with getting prestashop installed as my shopping cart... now i cant log into the backroom/shopping cart.. i had the password sent to me twice since yesterday.. it only allows resend-password every 360 minutes as you guys probably know. so i went into my SQL and tried to figure it out, now im getting these two messages at the bottom of the screen in mySQL. ( "!" PRIMARY and INDEX keys should not both be set for column `id_employee`) and ( "!" More than one INDEX key was created for column `id_employee`) so now what pff... i still cant log in with the "new" password that was sent to my Email, and to boot the website is locked because someone actually came in and bought a few of the Demo items that were listed when i first setup the shopping cart lol.
  7. yes, ipage had me point it away from weebly and to sub directory prestashop. i finally got it working but now they are fixing my SSL so they locked the site on me lol. it was up for 5 minutes and got 3 visitors =p. someone actually ordered 2 items from prestashop dummy item lists and i canceled it =p. lmao
  8. hey all. got a problem when i installed it, in order to find my website i have to put in mywebsite/prestashop for it to display my webpage. also to actually log in to prestashop admin panel i have to put in mywebsite/prestashop/"password" . if you can help ty.
  9. ty for the ultra fast response. i just wanted to make sure the templates shopping cart will let the items switch over to google and paypal. the template requires pertashop 1.3.1.x or higher to run it. here is the direct link to the template and the "Required Software" http://www.templatemonster.com/prestashop-themes/29620.html. i may be reading it wrong, this topic is new to me but that's what i get from reading that.
  10. i have read about people having problems intergrating petrashop type templates with google and paypal.
  11. hey guys,i don't to collect anyone's personal info creditcard/address/ bank info etc... can i go with this http://www.templatemonster.com/demo/29620.html and have google checkout and paypal checkout options only ? or am i forced to use the template cart with templates ? i will eventually have an entire custom website/code built from the ground up but i need to generate some money first to pay for it.
  12. hey guys and gals, im starting a new e-business and im just wondering " how well " prestashop intergrates with using only Google checkout and Paypal, using ipage as a host/server ? i currently have an SSL on the website from Sitelock. please, any experiences with this setup would be very helpful in me choosing my template.
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