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  1. Hi, in the home page of my 1.6 prestashop shop when I add a product to the cart appear a modal window: "Continue shopping" - "Proceed to check out"; This window not appear if I add the product to the cart from the product page. The product is added to the cart but no modal window appear. I would the modal window also in the product page as in the prestasop demo. How can i do? Thanks a lot.
  2. Hi Misthero, thanks for support and for your module. The solution works fine. Beer sent this morning check in your mail.
  3. misthero, i added the class and now it works properly; thanks a lot for your plugin and support!
  4. Hi Misthero, i was making some tests, now you can see the issue in the page: http://www.matraitalia.it/it/vini/8-cabernet-sauvignon.html let me know, thanks.
  5. Hi, here's the page: http://www.matraitalia.it/it/vini/8-cabernet-sauvignon.html scroll down the page to see your slider aaaaaargh ! in Chrome still not works, you have to resize window to see the slider.
  6. Hi, thanks for this great module, i'm using it in the product description and i have an issue: visiting the product page it shows only the navigation dots and arrows, but the images. Resizing the browser window the images appear, what can i do? Thanks in advance. I'm using presta 1.6 and last slider everywere version. SOLVED enabling "Show IFRAME in html fields" into general preferences solve the problem.
  7. Salve a tutti, sono riuscito a fare un aggiornamento da presta 1.3.7 a 1.6 e funziiona tutto. Mi sono accordo però che negli indirizzi dei clienti, (regolarmente importati) mancano tutti i codici fiscali quindi ho il db della 1.3 con i CF e il db della 1.6 senza i CF. Avete idea di come importarli? grazie.
  8. Hi, on the same server i installed a clean presta 1.6 as test and it works fine. On the same server we have others presta 1.4, 1.5 and they works fine. only this shop not works, but it works fine on our demo server. here you can see the php info of the production server: http://webserver.primastudio.it/info.php Please get a look The only difference between the test server and the production server is that the first is a Ubuntu 12.04 and the second is an Ubuntu 14.04
  9. I have a presta 1.6 installation working fine on a test server, migrating it on a production server i have this error: End of scripts output before headers: index.php wath can i do? in config/defines.inc.php i set _PS_MODE_DEV_ to true and now if i try to access to administration i have this error: Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class BlowfishCore in /var/www/sedieitalia/public_html/classes/Blowfish.php on line 31 thanks
  10. Thanks a lot Vekia, but exactly where in those files? there is a specific place to intercept the action done or i can paste the google code where i want? Thanks.
  11. Hi, I want to know exactly where int the .tpl to place google analitycs code to track the registration of a user and a submit of contact form. thanks
  12. presta 1.5.3 if i try to install by backoffice it not work, if i copy the folder into modules i have this error: [PrestaShop] Fatal error in module lofcamera: Access to undeclared static property: lofcamera::$_generateConfigXmlMode
  13. i manually loaded into the heder.tpl of mobile theme all the javascript i found in the themes/default/mobile/ folder i think this function in header.tpl does not works: {if isset($js_files)} {foreach from=$js_files item=js_uri} <script type="text/javascript" src="{$js_uri}"></script> {/foreach} {/if} still have some problem, if you enter into the "sedie" category you will see "non ci sono prodotti" ("there are no products") but ther are a lot of sub categories tht's aren't shown.
  14. hi, the same problem here, i upgraded from 1..5.2 to 1.5.3 and the mobile theme seems without style. I tryed to use the last jquery.mobile version but not solved. Any news? thanks
  15. Perfect! i put the module in the header and it works perfectly. Thanks a lot.
  16. thanks for this great module, i'm tryng to a 1.5 installation in the right column and it not works, it shows the images without sliding, where i wrong? this is the error: Data e ora: 31/01/2013 16.23.12 Errore: TypeError: $(...).nivoSlider is not a function it seems that the js libraries are not loaded
  17. Hi, someone know a module, free or to pay, to do something like this? http://www.sediarreda.com/en/index.php?pAct=shw01&pPar[art_cod]=OFF768&pPar[cat_cod]=catoff13 i mean the categories levels allways visible when you are in the category or in the product. Thanks
  18. Hi, i'm just testing the module on a new 1.5.2 prestashop installation, it works.
  19. salve, ho un problema con il color picker, ho un attributo con vari valori, alcuni dei quali colorati con un valore esadecimale altri con una immagine caricata. Ora se clicco su quelli colorati con l'esadecimale tutto ok, se invece clicco su quelli con l'immagine me li seleziona tutti, cioè li mette tutti come selecte, solo la prima volta, poi funziona. Il problema può essere visto qui: http://www.trovarredo.com/working/index.php?id_product=787&controller=product#/- cliccate i primi 9 quadratini colorati tutto ok, provate a cliccare sul decimo e si verificherà il problema. uso presta 1.5.2 template di default. Qualcuno ha lo stesso problema?
  20. Hi, i have a problem with color picker, in an attribute with various values clicking those value that have an exadecimal color it's all ok, instead in those have loaded an image i have some problems. You can see the problem here: http://www.trovarredo.com/working/index.php?id_product=787&controller=product#/- Click on the first 9 square colors then on the tenth and you'll notice the bug, form the tenth start those have an image instead of exadecimal value. i use presta 1.5.2 with the defaul theme. Wath can i do? thanks
  21. Hello everyone, I use prestashop 1.5 I have the problem of having articles which present a series of attributes with many values. For all these attributes I would like to use the color picker, the problem is that these attributes have many values​​, then I would have a product page with a long list of squares. I found a site, not in prestashop, which resolves the issue as follows: http://www.idealetti...etto-young.html if you scroll down and in customization choose the type of coating (tipo rivestimento) you will see that from time to time shows only the set of values ​​you want. I was wondering if there is a way to achieve the same result in prestashop. I have already tried the solution proposed by prestochangeo but I do not realize such a thing.
  22. Ciao a tutti, uso prestashop 1.5 ho il problema di avere degli articoli che presentano una serie di attributi con molti valori. Per tutti questi attributi vorrei usare il color picker, il problema che questi attributi hanno molti valori, avrei quindi una pagina prodotto con una lunga lista di quadratini. Ho trovato un sito, non i prestashop, che risolve la questione così: http://www.idealetti.com/letti/letto-young.html se scorrete in basso e nella personalizzazione scegliete il tipo rivestimento vedrete che di volta in volta mostra solo il gruppo di valori desiderato. Mi chiedevo se esiste un sistema per ottenere lo stesso risultato in prestashop. ho già provato le soluzoini proposte da prestochangeo ma non mi sembra realizzino una cosa simile.
  23. non ho fatto alcuna modifica o inserito moduli, a parte inserire prodotti e ricevere ordini. Comunque ho cancellato i dati Paypal inseriti, disinstallato il modulo, re-installato, rimesso i dati e ora funziona. Solo non appare nel backoffice nella lista dei metodi di pagamento...
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