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  1. Hello thanks for your help, just can help me say a detailed, a bit not quite understand , I go into the background, it is Import I know not operation. I've watched a lot of operation but are operating not succeed. I don't understand the meaning of inside. The first piece of blue circle choose file this step I don't really don't understand is to complete CSV file upload? Or what mean. Under this operation can decompose.
  2. This step how to operate, uploading CSV files. Use of EXCEL I edit. He sent this step upload, with me before uploading the different ah. I used directly in the background that module below a Data Import, can upload. Now I can't find this in module. Only from below a TOOL like above Import. I obtained doesn't know operation, always operation can appear. Why is this? Could you help me to solve. Thank you very much for your help.
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