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  1. For all the people that are still waiting for this function please vote thru the following link if you didn't already done so. http://feedback.prestashop.com/forums/124931-general?filter=hot With kind regards
  2. Hi guys, Can we we ask a prestashop developer to make a module or to ad it in the next upgrade together? I have coded a previous version to have the quantities in a decimal value but my problem now is that i can't upload to the new version and i want to update the outdated design of the site. So if anyone know how to contact a developer i will be happy to contact him or her and ask. With kind regards, Werner Vrijvogel
  3. Dear Stanik, If you do it right it works with the new version of prestashop. I did this with prestashop You can see the result at: www.lacouture.nl It is a dutch site so all text is in dutch. Unfurtunetly you can only use a dot and not a comma. Hope this helps. With kind regards, Werner
  4. Hi, So here is finally my answer, sorry promised Saturday but there was something between. It's a lot of work in 1.4. First I changed the database. I searched in all the tables with the fields quantity and changed the type to decimal(17,2). The tables are: - ps - ps - ps_discount - ps_orders (total_products and total_products_wt) - ps_order_detail (all the fields with quantity in the name) - ps_order_return_detail - ps_order_slip_detail - ps_pack - ps_product - ps_product_attribute - ps_product_sale - ps_specific_price - ps_stock_mvt After this you go to your prestashop folder Now you have to search for all the files where the quantity value is set. Open the files one by one and search for "intval($row['cart_quantity'])" for example. Every line with the word "intval" before the word "quantity" or "qty". Change the word "intval" to "floatval". Then repeat all but now you search for the word "int" an change this to "float". You need to do this for the files: - prestashop/classes/Attribute.php - prestashop/classes/Cart.php - prestashop/classes/Customization.php - prestashop/classes/Discount.php - prestashop/classes/Order.php - prestashop/classes/OrderDetail.php - prestashop/classes/OrderHistory.php - prestashop/classes/OrderReturn.php - prestashop/classes/Product.php - prestashop/classes/ProductSale.php - prestashop/classes/QuantityDiscount.php - prestashop/classes/StockMvt.php - prestashop/controllers/CartController.php - prestashop/controllers/OrderController.php - prestashop/order.php - prestashop/cart.php - prestashop/themes/prestashop/product.tpl (or if you have a other theme prestashop/themes/themename/product.tpl Please check yourself if the above files are all the files you need to change. Just open the other files as well and search. I did it with dreamweaver and used "find and replace" type by Find "int" and by Replace "float". I hope this was useful. It's a lot of work but in the end it works for the users of your shop. Good luck With kind regards, Werner
  5. Helo coloboque, I have solved the problem in 1.4. I will give you the solution tomorrow because it is a lang story and i don't have the time now. I wanted to post the solution much ealier but i didn't have the time for it. So tomorrow i post it here. With kind regards Werner
  6. Hi Fangor, Thank you very much. I will try this one and let you know if it works. With kind regards, Werner
  7. Hi Whitelighter, Thank you for your reply. This weak i tried your solution but i came upon an other problem. The shop does not sell only fabrics but also other stuff like studs and zippers witch need to be sell-ed in single pieces. Also all the online shops that sell fabrics have the functionality to order a decimal value. I hope there is somebody that can help me because i really need this. Greetings Werner
  8. Dear Otzy, Unfortunately is changing it in to cm not an option because the prices in the shop have to be in metres. But thank you for your suggestion. Regards Werner
  9. Hi guys, I am working on a shop for selling fabrics where customers need to be able to order a quantity in a decimal value. So the customer needs to be able to order for example 1,5 meters of a fabric. Can anyone tell me where i can find the code to do so? Change the database is no problem and i am good with php and html/css but i am new with prestashop and smarty. I hope anyone can help me. Thank you in advance. Greetings Werner
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