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  1. Hi,

     we installed a new prestashop on a subdomain and everything is fine till now but we have a problem with 500 error on single product.html


    what can be the problem? I tried the define('_PS_MODE_DEV_', true; option but nothing worked.


     on server error log i saw

    [Sat Dec 21 00:10:25 2013] [warn] RSA server certificate CommonName (CN) `localhost' does NOT match server name!?

    what could be the problem

  2. Hi,

    We are using prestashop for two years. And we are doing great till now and I really appreciate your work :)


    Now I have 2 questions.


    When I created it first for security reasons I changed the ps_ table prefix to ss_ .


    1. Now If I change all tables to back to ps_ by Running SQL query/queries on database would it be any problem for my website?


    2. Because of using a different prefix we never upgraded our prestashop and we are using the Version .

    Can we upgrade it without problems to latest version after changing table prefixes?


    Thank you for your time and efforts.

  3. As i said on the title, how can i change the places of in the same category hook and more info.

    I want more info tab on the product page to be Above the In the same category hook.

    Also what are the codes to show the REAL the same category product because this one in the default is showing products with similar description, not real in the same category.

    I am using default prestashop default template so i want product.tpl to me modified. can anyone do this ?

    thank you in advance :)

  4. merhabalar

    bir urunde 4-5 resim ekliyorum, resimler lightbox'ta aciliyor ama kapat dediginde urun sayfasina degil, ana sayfaya donuyor. ayrica ESC calismiyor :(

    bunun sorunu ne olabilir ?

    not : varsayılan tema kullanılıyor.

  5. hi,

    when i upload 4-5 images to a product they are shown on product page, when i click to images they are opened in a lightbox, but when click close the link is not http://sitename.com/productpage.html# but http://sitename.com/# so when you click on Close you are directed to the main Page.

    I am using presta shop default template and last version 1.2.0 version

    How can i resolve this ? worked with prestashop before but never had this problem.

    note : i am adding images from 2. Tab (images ) and then adding attribute sizes M L XL ( t-shirts ) and adding this attribute on products.

    thank you in advance

  6. merhabalar
    farzedelim ki ben 'BU AYIN ÜRÜNLERI' veya 'sizin icin sectiklerimiz' deyip ozel bir bolum acsam ( sayfanin saginda, solunda falan ) nasil yapabilirim ?

    bir modul var mi acaba ?

    yani modulu kurup bu urun bu urun su urun secip oraya gosterebilmek ? yani kodlama bilgisi gerektirmeden. HTML ile yapin demeyin cunku bunu kendim icin degil, baska bir firma icin yapmam gerekir.

    yardimci olabilecek moduller nelerdir ?

  7. Hi,

    in Home Featured module default items shown is 10 and they are sorted by date aded ( see the code below )

    $products = $category->getProducts(intval($params['cookie']->id_lang), 1, ($nb ? $nb : 10), '[b]date_add[/b]', '[b]ASC[/b]');

    can i know what are the parameters to change in place of date_add ?

    i want that the products to be shown in position i select from Katalog, not to be added by date .


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