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  1. Hi Mel, Thank you and sorry to be late to respond. I'll try your advice (by phpAdmin) as the final way. As not a professional for Database, I'm afraid to use phpAdmin easily... I hope the bug will be modify... Maybe there is some way to do it as nandosan says... Anyway thanks a lot! I'll check this forum sometimes. Tatamimi
  2. Hello. I'm trying to modify the bug and changed the classes/Product.php file, delete all products and re-make, and delate again. But still I can't move (sort) our products in the list by drug and drop.... I use version, I changed the lines as below ( line 890 )... public function deleteCategory($id_category, $cleanPositions = false) { $result = Db::getInstance()->ExecuteS('SELECT `id_category` FROM `'._DB_PREFIX_.'category_product` WHERE `id_product` = '.(int)($this->id) . ' AND id_category = '.(int)$id_category .''); if ($cleanPositions === true) foreach ($result AS $row) $this->cleanPositions((int)$row['id_category']); $return = Db::getInstance()->Execute('DELETE FROM `'._DB_PREFIX_.'category_product` WHERE `id_product` = '.(int)($this->id).' AND id_category = '.(int)$id_category .'' ); return $return; } Somewhere is wrong or other some reason? Please help me...
  3. Hello. I had the same problem (with version and I tried again and again but I couldn't by my mac. In my case, after a while I changed the PC (asked to my [spam-filter], he has windows) to use, and I succeed at once. I thinks in my case, it was the problem of type of zip... I suppose. If you use mac and didn't try to install by windows, I recommend to use it.
  4. ---------------------------------------------------- Sorry! I posted this topic but it is no use... In the module of "productcategory", it is already contained. (I couldn't find it before because I didn't put many items in a category to show scroll function.) I wanted to delete this topic but I couldn't... ---------------------------------------------------- Hello! Thank you for visiting this topic. I need your help again. I'm trying to customize the template. I want to put the scrollabre images menu in the "product.tpl" to show products of same category at the foot of page. I tried to use "scrollabre". http://flowplayer.or...able/index.html but when I put "jquery.tools.min.js" in the header template for use scrollabre menu in the page, the action of "add shopping cart" and thickbox don't work. maybe it is because of the confliction of js file I think... Is there some one who know good solution or substitution way? (I'm using Prestashop
  5. Thank you so much again for your advices. I solved the problem!!! It was the problem of encoding... I use PRESTASHOP in japan, and I use the software (editer) "mi" and "FETCH(FTP software)" for upload. I found that when I edited (make change) in the source of .tpl by editer and upload, the type of code (type of character?) will be changed automatically. I save the code in UTF-8 but when I upload that, the type of file is changed. and code character is also changed... So when I tried to use “force compile” after that, it didn't work (and turn into white screen...) I tried to make change the source directly at the software of FTP and use “force compile” , It works!!! Thank you for a lot! You always gave me a lot of hints.
  6. Thank you for give me responses so quickly! >gonandriy I use the version I copied the default theme and renamed, and selected new theme, and I changed a little of .tpl and uploaded. >Nemo1 I tried to use "Force compile" but after I selected "Yes" to use that, The shop-page turned into all white screen and don't move...
  7. Hello! I want to make small change of the HTML in the block of module. (for example, delete " " tag ) I changed the ".tpl" file of the module and update. And after that, I tried reflesh the web-site but it doesn't change.... I verify the source of tpl file, il was changed. Is this the problem of cash or database? I can't understand.... If someone know good solution, please tell me! Thanks.
  8. Hi! Thank you for your advice. I tried several times to delate the database and make new one but il was always the same error message and could'nt go next step yesterday. But today, I finally succeed to go to next step. I don't understand what was the problem exactly... but now it works. Thank you so much. (I feel sorry that my question can't give any solutions...) But I'm glad to get someone's advice so quickly. Sincerely.
  9. Hello! I'm trying to install PRESTASHOP in the rental server of japan. but I could't finish the install, it stops at the step 3, always with the message "A Prestashop database already exists, please drop it or change the prefix". After I struggled for half a day, I changed the hosting server and try again, It worked very smooth. I wonder why it didn't work at the first hosting server, I think maybe it is because the condition of PHP, but I don't know so much about that. If someone know the reason please give some advices and help me! The php condition of the first server which didn't work with prestashop is here, http://testtatami.main.jp/info.php (This site is for the testing so it exists only 1week from today 2011/2/23 ) Thank you!
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