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  1. If there is no way, I'll add another features type for identify the icon type. But if there is the way to show the feature's value in text and show the specific id(or something) at the same time, it's more simple... <span class="icon_featuresvalue_id">{$feature.value|escape:'html':'UTF-8'}</span>
  2. Hello! I'm looking for to the way to show the id (or something else) of features value. ( To show specific icon which depends on the features value by CSS). If someone know good idea, please help me! Thank you in advance.
  3. Solved by myself. I added the code of $smarty to restrict the number of loop in the template for the homefeatured items in left column like this. {foreach from=$products item=product name=products} {if $smarty.foreach.products.index < 1 } --- template code --- {/if} {/foreach}
  4. Hello and thank you for your help as always! Now I want to put 1 item of featured products in Left column and show always as "Today's Picked up item". I want use featured products module in homepage center area also... I added the code in "homefeatured.php" to make enable to hook featured products module to left column like this. public function hookDisplayLeftColumn($params){ return $this->hookDisplayHome($params); } and now it is possible to see featured products list in left column and center column of homapage also. I want to show only 1 item in left column and 12items in center column but I don't know how to change the number of display... Is there someone who can give me advices?
  5. Thank you vekia. ... There is also the way like that ... I didn't want to put my image files in "imgs" because there are already many files. but that is also possible to make new folder in the "imgs" and separate from other files...
  6. Thank you again bellini13! I shouldn't change the core file... OK now I understand... I modified the core file to the original. I copied the "classes/controller/FrontController.php" file, and added $this->context->smarty->assign('my_tpl_dir', _THEME_DIR_); after public function init() { ------------ other codes -------- parent::init() and put it in "override/classes/controller/" folder and deleted cash file. It works perfectly! Thank you a lot again.
  7. Thank you so much for your quick reply bellini13! I added this code 'my_tpl_dir' => _THEME_DIR_, in "classes/controller/FrontController.php" file, and it works perfectly! But I don't understand which file to put the code for init() function... Is this the same file (FrontController.php)?
  8. Hello! I want to use {$tpl_dir} in template files to show some images in new folder which is in the template directory (not the "imgs" folder). When I use {$css_dir} and {$img_dir}, it works without problems but for the {$tpl_dir}, that is not correct url. It shows the url as "domain's name/root path to server/themes/themesname/... " I found several same questions in this forum but no solution... Is there someone who know good solution?
  9. But if possible, I think it is useful funtion when create new theme template... For example in japan we don't like frequent change of menu layout in a site. I want to keep sidebar content same in all pages. To sell the template also, the function to fix the module setting in advance is convenient I think... isn't it?
  10. Thank you for your quick reply vekia. No way to keep setting... OK I understand. We should change the template before setting maybe... Anyway thanks a lot!
  11. Hello! and thanks for the help as always. I'm testing new version of PRESTASHOP, I switch some templates(default and original) and see the differences. After I switch the template, all setting of modules return to the original state, even if I finished many setting of modules(enable of desable, visible in the pages I need...). It makes me very gloomy... I think there is some file to keep the setting but I don't know. Please help me!
  12. For me, it works well (in safari, firefox, chrome...). (But the speed of transition is too fast and can't change in the back-end, I'm trying to change and seeing js source...)
  13. I had almost same problem. I checked "warehouse" menu of left side menu, and "edit" my warehouse. There is a list and at last, there is a "carrer". In this carrer, You can see the list of carrer you set up but it is just shown. You have to click that list (and after, the background color change to gray) to make it available.... Too much difficult... Anyway, for my case, it solved. (I use version maybe it is different from your case but isn't there something near?)
  14. Thank you very much dioniz!!!! It's perfect!!! so cool! At first, I changed the code in this file mydomain/modules/homeslider/js/homeslider.js and failed I didn't know there is the js folder in theme folder... I have to learn much more... Anyway, Thanks a lot!
  15. Hello! Does someone know how to make home slider images change with fade effect? I read the topic here http://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/262083-solved-how-to-make-home-slider-fade/ but I couldn't do it in latest version (
  16. hi tae gyoung! It was not solved. I just understood that it is bug... But after I updated PRESTASHOP to latest version(, it is working without ploblem!
  17. Thank you Nemo1! I wonderd it is bug or something else... OK, it's bug! I think there are some (many?) bugs in the version 1.6... I like this version, it's responsive and the design is nice to use (and customize maybe). I hope also il will be more stable in the future update...
  18. Hello! I'm testing the prestashop1.6. Now I'm trying various types of shipping carriers, but I couldn't delete a carrier from right pulldown box... (there is "delate" button under the "edit" button, but it never works...) After some struggling time, I found that I can delate carriers by left checkbox (check the box and use Bulk actions). So now it works. Not so much problem but I only want to know it is some of bug or something...
  19. Dear HansNL Thank you four your information. I'll try it in english B.O. but I'm trying to make website for my client... It is very inconvenience that they can't use japanese...
  20. Me too the same problem. The uploaded image is in the folder of "modules/yourthemes name folder/img". but the file name is not correct... normally it should be like the name "banner-img1.jpg" but new uploaded file name is like "004ada564835556a283b6dba5d9f5707.jpg"... I can't change the core file of module. so I uploaded correct name image file by FTP... It's nonsense...
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