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  1. Hello. I think... when the owner sent the message from contact form to another employee by the admin panel (Customer Service), normally the message was sent only to that employee. But In my client's store, the message which is sent to their employee was sent to the customer (who send message at first by the contact form) also. Normally it doesn't happen, but only once (maybe... I hope it was only once...) , that thing happened. They didn't use mailer, they used the Admin Panel always to send customer's messages. We can't understand why or how it happened but we afraid that the same thing will happen sometimes... Is there someone who knows the case like that...? Thank you in advance.
  2. I have same problem... My version is I want to show subcategory's item in parent's category page so I use Layered navigation but if I use it, "sort by" function doesn't work. Without Layered navigation, "sort by" function works well...
  3. Thank you mr selectshop.at! I found the exception setting in my transplant setting of this module. Now I deleted and it works good! Thanks you for your good and quick advice, it helped me a lot!
  4. Hello! In my shop, the manufacturer list (Manufacturers block) in left menu is shown in top-page, product page and CMS page, but not shown in category page. Is it normal or something wrong in my setting...? I use Prestashop Thank you in advance!
  5. I made this site. http://swissecoshop.asia/
  6. My client's want to change the price between for the user in japan and others (and shipping price also). I know this is not basic use and already is complicated. I don't want to use the function of multishop, but if no way, I have to think again about the constructure...
  7. Hello! I'm looking for the way to switch shipping carriers by country (IP or user's location). I know it is possible to switch the carriers by the place to shipping. But I can't find the way to switch them by user's location... Someone knows good idea or some modules? Thank you in advance.
  8. I found the solution in the past thread. https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/316360-solved-in-stock-field-not-being-translated/ I should change the code of "{$product->available_now}", not the part of "{l s='In Stock'}". Anyway, thank you for your help and advice.
  9. Thank you sandipchandela! and sorry to be late to reply. I verified the template but I found that, in the version of, the text of template file appears, but in the version of, always the text of "In Stock" is shown dispite the template file's text is changed...
  10. Hello! I can't translate "In stock" in the shopping cart page... Before, it was translated. but after update to the latest version(, only the "In stock" text in the shopping cart page is not translated... I looked into the "shopping-cart-product-line.tpl" and checked the text "In stock" and changed this text to "In stock test", but the change is not shown in the shoppig cart page. I think after the update, some override is working and the original text of "In stock" is not shown... I want to know how to translate it. Someone knows it? Thank you in advance.
  11. Hello! I'm using blockwishlist module. When the customer make a new wishlist, the e-mail "[store name ]Your wishlist's link " is sent to the customer. I dont need that so I want to disable the wishlist automatic mail (after making a wishlist) but I can't find how to. If someone knows that way, please help me!! Thank you in advance. note: the version of prestashop is
  12. Hello! I'm using prestashop In my shop, the search result is not correct. There are always too much result and sometimes they don't contain the word I wrote in the search form. (I tested various setting in the admin panel of search module arleady.) I feel it is because of my language (Japanese, double byte text)... Is there someone who knows some information about it or way of modify? Thank you in advance!
  13. Thank you TungCEO! It is the function which is no longer used... I understand... I'll try to read your topic and see how to use (it looks like complicated for me...) Anyway Thank you a lot!!
  14. Hello! I want to customize the category page. (I want to make a difference between the category page and subcategory page.) I found the code of "{if $scenes}" in the templete file of category.tpl, I think it is useful to make a differences in particular category but I can't find how to add scene(?). Sorry this is maybe a question for basic use...but please tell me ! Thank you!
  15. I don't know how it works but I don't use message.tpl (and I can't find that file in my template folder...). I use the file of "contact-form.html" in my mail folder ( /themes/yourtheme/mails/yourlang/contact-form.html ) to send mail by contact form page.
  16. Hi pbpo! Did you add the database value ? Sorry I don't use the field of downloaded files in my case( I delated these contents from the mail and form ) so I don't know it works well at that point... In my case, {products} (the detail of order in the mail) didn't work at first. It was because of the change or controll files in the version (I use override file made before I copied the controlle files from default template and added my code for add the contact form contents and upload again, after it works.
  17. Hello Nemo1! Thank you for your good tutorial and advaices always! I tried to customize the contact form and it works fine! If possible I want know how to make a input area "required" and show the error if it is empty. (I use version Thank you in advance!
  18. Sorry! I posted this topic but I found the way! I clicked the button of "View" but I should click the pulldown button of "Edit"! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hello! I want change the manufacturer's logo but can't find where to edit it... after click the manufacturer's name, like this. There is the place to edit the address but no place to change logo. Please help! Thanks in advance...
  19. Thank you recoil! I tried to change the way of stock to "advanced stock" and change again to "manually", After that, the attributes which has no stock shows " out of stock" but even I change the attribute to which has stock, "out of stock" still there (normally it will be changed to "in stock") I feel it is the problem of cash or some trigger to change the stock display is missing...? I'll try to continue finding some way...
  20. me too the same problem... (my version is I hope also someone know the solution.
  21. Hello! I'm looking for the way to show the weight depends on the combination pattern in the product page... I found and tried this topic's method but it don't work in my case (ver Please help me!
  22. I wrote this topic. but it was maybe the case only for me... because I changed before the cart.php (to use yen currency and CHF in paypal module). the detail is in this topic. http://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/347915-solved-how-to-switch-the-code-of-ps-round-in-cartphp-depends-on-the-customers-currency/?do=findComment&comment=1752489 The problem is not solved actually but it is not the common problem (and complicated), so I close this topic... --------------------------------------- Hello! I'm testing the shop of prestashop, and use 2 currency (CHF and Yen). Primary currency is CHF. When I choose the currency as Yen, and go to the shopping cart summary page, In the product list, the unit price are displayed as discount price (with red text of [0%] ) always even if there are not discount item. Like this... ¥1000 [0%] ¥1000 When I choose the primary currency(CHF), with no problem, it is displayed like 8.7 CHF The code is <span class="price{if isset($product.is_discounted) && $product.is_discounted} special-price{/if}">{convertPrice price=$product.price}</span> {if isset($product.is_discounted) && $product.is_discounted} <span class="price-percent-reduction small"> {assign var='priceReductonPercent' value=(($product.price_without_specific_price - $product.price_wt)/$product.price_without_specific_price) * 100 * -1} {$priceReductonPercent|round|string_format:"%d"}% </span> <span class="old-price">{convertPrice price=$product.price_without_specific_price}</span> {/if} Is somoone know the good solution? Please help!
  23. Hi! I tried already. Sorry I wrote [ - ], but It was a mistake, [ + ] is correct. This green area is where I want to remove. After trying your method, it will be like here...
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