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  1. Ok, I've found the real cause of this bug: I'm using as my main currency the dollar but payments must be done in chilean pesos. Now, for some reason, mail alerts is multiplying two times the product value by the cost of a dollar in pesos. E.g. Shiping costs are US$4. In chilean pesos, that's CLP$2424 (US$1 = CLP$606). And that's the amount my customers receive on mails sent to them. But for some strange reason, mail alerts multiplies that value AGAIN by 606 totalling an amount of CLP$1.468.944. I know that this is just an anoyance... my customers will receive an e-mail with the correct ammount and I can always check the ammount bought in the admin page... but I would like to know if there's a fix. Thanks!
  2. (Deleted the code as it seems fine... Anyone has any idea? I've found the cause of the problem (double multiplication of currencies. Check next post). But is there a possible solution?
  3. Hey everyone! Please let me start by saying that what you are doing is great! Now we can (finally!) have a good and working e-commerce site. Ok, lets get to the point now... I'm having a little problem with the module mail alert: when I receive a notification about a new product sold I get a message like the one I attached. The product's price is showing correctly on the list. But when you look at "Products" you can see that it gives an unreasonable sum. Also, shipping costs are incorrect (the should be about $2500). I think that the reason of this problem is that it's showing total sales of the store... but I don't know how to fix it. I'm adding the Html code below so you can check it. Thanks a lot!
  4. Just doing a follow up in case anyone reads this for the same problem we had. In my case the problematico module was gsitemap. BTW, it's quite easy to find the problematico module: just start deleting them one by one and checking the modules page. When you delete the problematic one all of the remaining modules will appear. From that point, just restore the modules you deleted except for the one that was causing trouble. All of your configurations will remain unaltered.
  5. Oh! I forgot to say: to copy my site to the server I installed a fresh version of Prestashop, then I removed the database and copied the one I created on my PC. Then I moved all folders and data from my local installation over my website except for the config folder... I know it's not the 'correct' way to move a site... but it didn't work otherwise (and it's working correctly now except for the detail I mentioned). Thanks!
  6. Hey everyone! I'm having the same problem... I installed and configured Prestashop on my local computer (using easy PHP). It worked correctly there. I then uploaded it to my website and it seems to be working ok... except for the modules on the administration page wich don't appear at all. I tried deleting the RSS module but it didn't work. I also tried deleting all modules I don't use... Any other ideas? Thanks a lot!
  7. mmm... that's a nice trick indeed... Maybe it's possible to make Prestashop automatically add some code when a forbidden word appears... Aaaargh! I wish I knew how to program a module to fix it!
  8. Strs, it was quite easy for me: Just came into the forum and asked. Took me less than 2 hours to ask the question and receive an answer. People are very kind here. And there are some experts wandering arround. Cheers!
  9. You can offer money? I'm very sorry... didn't know that... How much would it cost? Thanks for the heads up
  10. Is it possible to apply some kind of discount to my customers depending on their payment method? e.g. apply a 10% discount if they pay via bank wire transfer and no discount for credit cards. Is this possible? Maybe make a voucher that only works for some payment methods... Thanks for your info!
  11. Hi everybody! gee... I'm feeling bad for all of this questions... Anyway, I was wandering if there was a way to send more information about the products bought on the e-mail to the customer? I'd like the e-mail to include a list of all products bought and their prices. Is it possible? I tried checking the text of the e-mails and noticed that there are some commands that will take some data from the database (for example, {firstname} will show the customer's first name). Is there a command for products sold? Thanks a lot!
  12. Oh! Thanks for that info! I'm using other words then. Thanks a lot!
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