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  1. I saw there was talk about this topic and some solutions were found... but it seems none of them are working for me or my Prestashop version. Im testing it on version, configured webservice correctly, and when I try to log into /api (just key as username, password blank) it doesn't work. I tried to add this into .htaccess as it was suggested somewhere on the forum, and confirmed by my hosting provider... but still nothing. SetEnvIf Authorization .+ HTTP_AUTHORIZATION=$0 RewriteRule ^api/.* - [E=HTTP_AUTHORIZATION:%{HTTP:Authorization},L] And I tried all sorts of things I read around forums and webs, from regenerating htaccess files .. but it just dont wanna connect. Does anyone know the solution for this? Why does this happen?
  2. Hy guys, We have a working shop which we would like to connect with our accounting software. Now that accounting software already has the option to connect with Prestashop via web service. That accounting software is cloud-based, in one area of that software I select Prestashop, add secret key, username, password and voila - it works - but it doesn't I checked with that accounting software company to check it up - they say everything is OK with their software and that I did configuration right and that I should check with the hosting company. I checked with the hosting company - no limitations on the server, its not server error. So there must be a problem with Prestashop. Error im getting when trying to get data from PS is: Prestashop REST API. HTTP/1.1 302 Found [H4e:29.07.2020 16:51:12] Im, sure there is someone that can solve this problem for us, so please throw me a PM.
  3. Hi all We would like to hire freelancer developer with good Prestashop knowledge and all that comes with it (i guess PHP, CSS, MySQL etc). Two things we need: 1. Several issues we have on our current webshop - PayPal returns error - something with address problem - payment is done, but order does not have the status set - our contact form doesn't work for some reason, emails are not sent (even though mail setup is correct) - map part doesn't show at all - we would like to use live support but the module doesn't show on homepage 2. After fixing these errors we would like the developer to develop a few modules by our design You can contact me back via email at [email protected] Thanx all!
  4. Helo everyone, We need freelancer (company or person) to do whatever needs to be done to connect our shop with our supplier databases. It would be fresh presta install, you will get full access to server and whatever you need. What we need is: - collect product data from XML-s from our 10 distributors - automaticly open new items with: product name, price, availability (available or not available), description and picture (its all available in XML provided from distributors) - database should update every night (for example) via chron job Feel free to contact us via PM with questions and offers, terms and conditions. We can send you example of one xml. We can provide our references and connections to few freelancers that made several big and small projects for us but unfotunately they dont know much about databases I hope we will find someone to make this for us
  5. Hy all, i tried to search forums and web for possible solution but i didnt see that anyone had similar problem. I instaled version of PS and i have problem when i try to enter new product - if i click on SEO tab i get "Fatal Error" message. Product wont save because there is no frendly url. Funny thing is that i managed to open one product, and copying product works, but if i wish to open brand new product i get Fatal Error. Any ideas, sugestions?
  6. After some time they did help and im thankfull. Solution to abowe problem is to add this piece of code inside global.css of your presta theme: #geek-menu .menu .menu-item:hover .submenu-item { margin-left: 0 !important; }
  7. I managed to find out that problem might be server side because fopen is blocked for security reasons.
  8. Hy, I instaled this Geek mega menu i bought from their website and since customer service is preatty slow and they dont respond to my emails for days now, maybe someone from comunity can help. Anyway. If someone would be so kind to check http://shop.bitifit.com/index.php it is demo webshop (place where i test before i put it to my real shop) and if you check megamenu in IE and in any other browser you will see that it doesnt show corectly. Drop down menu is displaced and in middle of screen, cant be reached with mouse. Does anyone have idea how to fix it?
  9. I have problems with this menu allso, it doesnt work corectly in IE, wroted and asked for help about 3-4 times but nothing.
  10. Hello, I need someone to make me custom payment module that is compatible with 1.4.9 and 1.5.x prestashop. What we need is to transfer cart data + customer info via html file to our bank getway (they offer getway services). I have instructions in English. If you have any extra questions feel free to contact me via PM Edit sorry, fogot to writte corect topic I need someone to make me payment module
  11. no, link to the picture, and link works in browser. And i tried to import just one line of test data... and it doesnt work
  12. Eh, looks like ill have to add 5000 product pictures manualy....fun fun fun
  13. This didnt help me, im using 1.5.2, tried all this sugestions but nothing
  14. Hy, Did anyone had trouble with product import via CSV? I cant upload images alltho path to images is correct. For every image i get error "Product n°xxx: the picture cannot be saved" P folder permision is set to 777. Anyone have solution for this i would gladly hear it.
  15. Hello to all, i have this messup when someone wants to click on field "dodaci" inside product view http://superpremiumshop.com/alpinisticki-ruksak/2-guide-30-sl.html i guess CSS is messed up. Anyone willing to help me with this subject?
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