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  1. Virtual file disappeared

    I think I got the problem. This morning I checked every test product again and everything was cool. So I assume that it has nothing to do with cron-jobs. After that I edit 'test 1' (added a short description) and the link was gone. On the tab I see 'Is this a virtual product? - NO' again. So the link with the file is lost again........ It seems that when I edit a product again, the virtual download tab seems to be reset.
  2. Virtual file disappeared

    Hahaha.. Ok thanks for the tip. I have to go into the multi-shop feature, because I never used something like that. But I really want to go international, so this would be a good thing to do. But first... fix problem... :-(
  3. Virtual file disappeared

    Yes I understand. And I even can't find some similar problems on the forum. So I guess I have to rely on others (experts) with this. It really sucks because when somebody buy a product, it is possible that the don't get the file what they paid for..... I have to fix it asap... :-(
  4. Virtual file disappeared

    Thank you... I will consider that.
  5. Virtual file disappeared

    Yes, I use 1.5.2 I think it started when I updated to 1.5.0. With previous versions no problems.
  6. I sell downloads and use a custom theme with PS When I enter a title and fill in all data and upload/link a file everything seems to be OK. But after a while (I don't know when it happens) I check the linked file in the BO and suddenly it doesn't have a virtual download anymore. On the tab 'virtual file' it says: Does this product has a virtual file?: NO ... And I can't fill in the file name, because I get an error 'file not found'. And I have to upload the file again. Can't find out when this happens. Please help me....
  7. Can someone tell me the complete flow of the voucher system? I mean this: I have the same error. Make a voucher in the BO, fill in all fields, enter it during the order at the FO and no changes are made. Prices remain the same and even no error code when using a wrong voucher code. I did the modification as described above, but the changes where already made bij PS in the new version NOTE: Even with the default theme it's not working. So it might be something else than a theme issue.
  8. Inmiddels is het probleem opgelost. Het bleek een customer group probleem te zijn. PS 1.5.xx heeft een nieuwe functie dat je voor bepaalde soort klanten / bezoekers modules onzichtbaar kan maken. Zo heb je groep Default, bezoeker en gast. Bij mij zat er in de database iets niet goed waardoor modules bij installatie meteen bij de verkeerde groep kwam te staan. Groepen weer netjes gemaakt, de juiste permissie voor de modules gegeven en probleem was opgelost. Met dank aan een aantal forum leden die me op weg hebben geholpen!!
  9. Ideal Checkout Plugin Tbv Prestashop V.1.5.x

    Hi Scorpion, Ik krijg bij je header versie deze foutmeldingen: Warning: Function displayHeader() is deprecated in /var/www/xxxx/xx/xxxxx.xxx/idealcheckout/setup.php on line 7 in /var/www/xxxx/x/xxxxxxx.xxx/classes/Tools.php on line 1733 en onderaan het scherm: Warning: Function displayFooter() is deprecated in /var/www/xxxx/xx/xxxx.xxx/idealcheckout/setup.php on line 13 in /var/www/xxxx/x/xxx/classes/Tools.php on line 1733
  10. Bedankt voor je reply. Plaatjes van de categories? Hier werkt het prima.
  11. 1 ding durf ik al met gematigde zekerheid te zeggen: het ligt niet aan de template. Bij de default template doet ie het ook. Ook met lege cache folder en force compile aan.
  12. Ik wil 'm nog niet online zetten, maar als je me je IP kan PM-en dan zet ik je in de lijst.