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  1. thank you for your fix. do we need to change other related functions ?; - getDeliveryPriceByPrice - getDeliveryPriceByWeight regards,
  2. Hello Raph59, i have problem for 2-3 days. in back office, visitors online and tracking visitors i dont have any stats, they are all zero. do you have any idea ? thank you for your interest.
  3. hi mohsart, i am using but i checked classes/PaymentModule.php in v.1.2.5 and the bug is still there in line 155. to correct the bug, read the first message of this post.
  4. you are welcome. i am happy that someone realized the bug. regards
  5. i found a bug in For example you have 3 products in your cart. you will buy one quantitiy for all products in your cart. cart example : first product : 1 second product : 1 third product : 1 quantity of products in your stock: before order first product : 1 second product : 0 third product : 2 after order first product : 0 second product : 0 third product : 2 third one was not updated. solution: change some code in classes/PaymentModule.php : line 148 before: find this code if (($id_order_state != _PS_OS_OUTOFSTOCK_) AND (($updateResult = Product::updateQuantity($product)) === false OR $updateResult === -1)) after change with the below $updateResult = Product::updateQuantity($product); if (($id_order_state != _PS_OS_OUTOFSTOCK_) AND ($updateResult === false OR $updateResult === -1)) its all. Maybe it could be usefull for someone using like me
  6. did you fix the problem you had ? i have this problem too. i uploaded images to the image dir. i can browse the images that i uploaded by ftp, so path is true, but when i click the upload tab icant see anything like you. if you fixed the problem pls help me. and also i want to ask one securty problem with tinymce: if you directly goto the url in the below http://www.your_domain_here.com/js/tinymce/jscripts/tiny_mce/plugins/tinybrowser/tinybrowser.php?type=image you can browse edit delete and upload. its open everyone that knows the url. how can i fix this security hole. thanks in advance
  7. you are great. i saw extra filter option (order by) in the picture you added, but when i installed the module i cant see all. is it the right module that you added? thank you again
  8. thanks for your fast reply. i will be willing to send a small contribution. best regards
  9. hi again, i changed the date to one day ago 07/27, i got the tracks, but today 07/28 i didnt its great, thank you again.
  10. Hello Raph59, thanks for your work. this is one of the best module that i saw. it works on localhost with, but not on my server with same version of prestashop. i think, because of 1000 members and a lot of page views. is it possible for you to change your module to adopt it to the member profile page. For example, when i want to track my customer, i go to the its profile page and click the track button and opens another page to view tracks. it doesnt load the server. and i think that alot of people wants that. thanks again,
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