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  1. I would suggest if you can upgrade to the latest stable release


    As per my "no documentation policy" :(, upgrading will be a hassle (until I realize how to override classes, etc.).

    As to installing the latest release alongside this one and just having a re-direct to the sub directory -- anything that I should know about, if I wanted to test the latest version? Any path settings, etc?

  2. Not that I am aware of. You can remove all the modules from the /modules folder and see if the product page works, if it does, start adding them one by one until you find the culprit.


    I'll give that a shot.


    I am running IE 9.0.8112.16421 and it loads fine for me. Are you using ie 8? I know that version of prestashop has issues with ie and and the cookie interface.


    Is there a workaround for the cookie interface?

  3. Here is my conversation with my hosting support dept:





    The contact form is defined in the following file:




    In the constructor, there are two properties:


    $this->php_self = 'contact-form.php';

    $this->ssl = true;




    If you comment them out, the form page will be rendered; however, it does not work correctly this way. It throws an HTTP error message:


    HTTP/1.1 500 Internal Server Error




    This error message is not generated by the server and never appears in the error log. It is generated by Prestashop while trying to display one of the Smarty templates. It is called on line 261 of the ContactController.php file:






    Unfortunately, we are not familiar with Prestashop or Smarty and we cannot tell you what exactly causes this error message to be generated. We would recommend that you contact a developer with Prestashop experience about more assistance with this problem.


    Best regards,

  4. Is there a way to make the "accessories" tab and contents show when a customer goes to the product page, instead of the "more info" tab and contents. With the products I sell, I don't have much "more info", but would like customers to see the "accessories" available when they first go to the product page (without having to click on the "accessories" tab. I don't know code, but I can copy and paste, or comment out. Thank you for any help.


    Did you find an answer? I'm looking for the same :-)

  5. As @mehdi2405 said in an earlier post (though in French :) it is the version of Smarty causing this problem. You are using Smarty 2 and the module requires Smarty 3. During installation it aborts when it sees that you do not have Smarty 3, rather than installing and then failing. Go to Back Office > Preferences and set the "Use Smarty 2 instead of 3" to no if you have no specific reason to use Smarty v2. Then it should install and work fine


    That's it! Thanks! I tweaked it a bit to match my theme and it's perfect.

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